Realms Beyond Ashes of the Fallen New Survival Strategy

Realms Beyond Ashes of the Fallen is a fantasy role-playing tactical turn-based strategy game with a huge world. The game is being developed by Ceres Games, which plans to release the game in 2020. Previously, the studio passed public funding and successfully collected the required amount of funds.

The developers provide the player to manage a squad of 6 characters. The squad can be equipped with characters from any of the available 7 types of races. In this case, the soldiers themselves in the squad can be of different classes. And there are about 8 classes in the game, with their own abilities and skills.

About the race.

All in the game there are about 7 races. These are People, Semi Elves, Semi Orcs, Dwarves, Halflings, Elves. And another race that the developers in one of the descriptions for some reason did not include is the Dwarves. All these races have their predominant strengths and weak characteristics that distinguish them from each other.

About classes.

The player can assign his character the appropriate and desired classes. A total of 8 classes are available. These are “Fighter”, “Cleric”, “Wizard”, “Rogue”, “Barbarian”, “Paladin”, “Ranger” and “Druid”. After assigning a class, a character opens up additional abilities and skills. Assigned classes can change the strategy and tactics of the battle character.

About the gameplay.

In the game Realms Beyond Ashes of the Fallen, one of the highlights and features is a journey on a global map. In this section of the game, the characters will have to fight with the elements of survival. And control your stamina and satiety. For example, you will need to hunt and get food, as well as get enough sleep.

To move around the global map, the developers envisioned a change of day and night. Where in the process of moving the squad will be affected by the mechanics of survival. The unit will need to replenish the level of satiety and quench thirst. To do this, you will need to hunt and gather food.

The movement is made in the form of step-by-step actions. When, after the player’s turn, other neutral characters or creatures begin to move. On one side, the movement is similar to the game “Heroes of Might and Magic”, only neutral creatures can move a short distance and patrol the territory.

After moving on the global map, you can join the battle, which takes place on the map area with markup. Where all the characters are on marked terrain in the form of meshes similar to honeycombs. Grid marking helps you navigate the battlefield and calculate the actions of your squad. And outside the battle you can move freely.

The game has many spells with which the choice of tactical actions expands. As well as the location of the characters on the combs, since the fighter can be surrounded on several sides. And more than on square grids in other games.

Our conclusion.

Despite the fact that the game is somewhat reminiscent of an isometric 2D game, Realms Beyond Ashes of the Fallen is more of a 3D game. In which most of the moments and elements regarding the genres of strategy and RPG with the mechanics of survival are implemented. The result was a good game at this level.