sea of thieves Fort of the Damned GUIDE and passage tips

Hello dear friends! Sea of ​​thieves has a lot of interesting tasks for pirates. Where you need to make not only the skill of owning weapons, but also think well to pave the way for further passage. In this article, we will look at and give tips on getting through the Fort of the Damned.

This unique island is located at the coordinates “L; 14” and is unique both in design and in the treasures that are on it. And to get these treasures you need to know a few secrets and, if possible, go there with a team of 2-3 people.

The external atmosphere of the fort is a little gloomy, and in the center there is a wooden fortress with a large hall. In which there are statues with lanterns that you need to light with your lantern. At the same time, the light of the lantern on the statues should be different, this is the key to activating the fort.

About the activation of the Fort of the Damned.

First task.

To get the valuable rewards that are stored on the island of the Fort of the Damned, you need to activate the fort itself. To do this, you need to change the standard color of your flashlight to a unique glow or unique color of the flashlight. And then light the lanterns on the statues. In this case, you need to collect several colors that match the color of the statue.

It is best to collect different colors on your ship. That is, light existing lights on the ship with your portable flashlight. After they found a new color for the flashlight. And you need to find 6 different colors.

About the colors for the lantern.

You can get a new color for the lantern from the ferryman when the character dies. In the very center of the ship is a lantern, and under it are hands from souls. From the flashlight on the ship you can get a unique color for your flashlight.

To do this, you just need to go with the flashlight to the flashlight on the ship and activate your flashlight. In this case, the activated color of the flashlight may change depending on the death of the character.

  • Red color.

Can be obtained if a character dies from fire. To do this, you can use incendiary bombs or die on a volcano. But they didn’t try about a barrel of gunpowder, but there is also fire during the explosion.

  • Blue color.

You can get it during battles with sea predators. Such as Megaladon and Shark. In this case, the character must be in the water and die from a bite.

  • White color.

This color can be obtained during thunderstorms during storms. The character himself must be at the site of the Lightning strike on the ship. Usually lightning strikes the center of the ship. It is better if the character does not have a large supply of health. To do this, for example, during a storm, you can jump the masts onto the ship.

  • Violet color.

You can get this color when the character dies from the poison of “Snake” or “Kraken”. It is best to die from a snake, as it can be found on almost any island. And “Kraken” is still to be searched by sea, which is much more complicated.

  • Green color.

To get green, you need to fight with the “Skeleton” and die. For example, you can take the task from the “Order of Souls”, which will show where the “Skeletons” are.

  • Pink color.

It is given when a character dies from another player. It’s simple, find another player and die from his saber. In some cases, this can be negotiated with another player.

The second task.

You need to find a special “Ritual skull”, which is located in the chests from the tasks of “Duke”. To do this, go to the tavern and find “Duke” there. You can buy from him the quests “Traveling in search of a cache with skulls”, “Traveling in search of a cache with a flaming chest”, “Traveling in search of a key to ashes”.

About the treasure hunt on the Fort of the Damned.

After all the colors of the lanterns are found and the skull is in your pockets. You can go to the Fort of the Damned and light the lights on the statues. Lighted lanterns open the cage with the skeleton in the center, which needs to bring the “Ritual Skull”. And then the fort will be activated.

The activated Fort of the Damned invokes Skeletons that crawl out of the ground and floor like regular Skeletons. Summoned Skeletons are immune to attacks. In order to remove this immunity, you need to shine on them with a flashlight of the color that they are.

The desired color can be obtained from the lantern near the statue. After that, you need to shine on the “Skeleton” before the attack. The immunity is removed for a period of about 10 seconds and comes back.

You can also determine which wave of skeletons may appear. Hands of souls will appear under the statue like those of a ferryman’s ship under the lantern. With each new wave, different “Skeletons” will appear. And it can reach three different colors.

At the end of the battle with the Skeletons,  the main Skeleton or Skeleton Captain appears. Who has abilities, and you can defeat him in the usual standard way. With a saber, a musket and barrels of gunpowder. And after defeating him, a special key falls out, which opens the doors to the treasury.

Inside the treasury there is gold worth about 70,000 units. Powerful powder kegs and Dead Man’s Chest.