Star Citizen Announces New Survival System

Cloud Imperium in a public interview announced a realistic survival project for Star Citizen. Developers are working to ensure that when playing a game, players can feel the influence of the outside world on the other side of the screen.

To do this, they introduce a currently unique survival system. The surrounding weather with such phenomena as rain, snow, cold and heat directly affects the character. Suppose a character goes through a terrain in which it is cold, for this he will need to dress warmer, for example a jacket or some other clothes. Or it’s hot, you will need to quench your thirst with water or take off your warm clothes, that is, get dressed in the weather.

The character will also be affected by the time of day. During the day you will need to eat and satisfy your hunger. Or recover if sick, with medication. At the same time, monitor the changing ambient temperature.

In addition to the usual climatic conditions, the game will also contain parameters such as humidity. Which will affect the character’s health status.

It is not yet clear how these new features will affect other games in different genres. But elements of survival in games have already been used.

For example, in the Fallout game there was a change of day and night, when the characters had to go to bed to choose the appropriate time of day. And from time to time an acid storm was approaching and the character’s health was taken away. Radiation was also affected, which reduced overall health. After which it was necessary to be treated and replenish strength points.