Magic Legends is an action RPG with a unique combat system

The game was first announced in 2019, on which the Cryptic Studios studio is working. Cryptic Studios was inspired by the Wizards of the Coast card game, on the basis of which development began. Of the materials that are presented at the moment, we can say that the game is quite high quality and with expressive graphics. The game in the RPG genre action has been blurred. Gradually, developers share information about the work done and at the moment have shown several classes of heroes in the fighting. The release date of the game is scheduled for 2021.

The game takes place in the world of Magic: The Gathering. Players will defeat the evil terrain of the world Magic: The Gathering in the role of the Worldwalker. Which possesses superpower and the ability to possess magical abilities, as well as move between worlds.

The game will have a large library of spells from which the player will be able to combine and choose the most suitable decks for him. Which subsequently make the style of the game unique. And are divided into two active skills Spells and class abilities.

The use of skills looks very unique, since the combat process for a player is like a surprise. Spells can be used in random order from several such cards available on a mission. When using a spell, it changes to another random next spell. A character needs mana to cast a spell. At the same time, in their strength, in contrast to their abilities, they are better and there is an opportunity to find a spell during the game.

But the class abilities of manna do not require, but weaker than spells. The use of which is tied to the character class and is available all the time, but upon activation, it will take time to recover for reuse.

Unique to this genre of games, manna stands out. Her as many as five colors that reflect the classiness of the characters.

Before completing the mission, as the developers assure, the players will have the opportunity to choose what spells he wants to take to complete the tasks. In total, 4 cells out of 12 available for the mission are active in the battle. After activating one cell, the card changes to another.

At the moment, several classes are presented to get acquainted with the game. Geomancer, Mage of Reason and Summoner. And each of them has different abilities, tactics and style of play. The animation effects of the abilities used are quite impressive.

  • Geomancer is a strong melee character. The forces of fire and earth prevail.

Able to break into the center of the enemy and do good damage and survive in battles. Avoid enemy attacks using the Shield. To use the “Shield” you need points that gradually accumulate from causing damage to enemies from spells and abilities. These points can also be used to enhance damage or to reduce damage received from enemies.

  • “Mage of Reason” is a kind of ranged mage. The blue element of manna prevails.

The main position in the battle is the middle and long range. The “Mage of Reason” is by nature a cold-blooded and prudent thinker who controls the situation in battle. Uses abilities such as illusions, telekinesis, mind manipulation and telepathy. As a result, it has good damage and control abilities.

Of the weak features, weak armor qualities and a small margin of safety can be noted. But everything is compensated by special abilities that do not allow damage. And to keep the enemy at a distance I use the ability to immobilize the enemy or force them to attack each other.

  • “Beast Summoner” is a kind of melee druid, armed with a halberd. It has support abilities.

The main direction is calls on the battlefield of animal allies, which reduce the difficulty of passing and add variety. By default, he is accompanied by one mystical animal, if he is killed he is restored.