Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Padawan Cal Kestis Game Review

The developer of the game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the studio Respawn Entertainment. You can buy the game from November 15, 2019. An adventure action game is completed and the game will be played as a Jedi, just like previous parts. After permission to manufacture the game, the developer had a number of disagreements with the company Lucasfilm, as the developers were required to take a special approach to the main Jedi characters. However, they managed to overcome controversial issues and gain confidence.

In the process of creating the game a special emphasis on the developers made the plot and there will be no multiplayer in the game. It is also known that you can use the photo mode and about half of the worlds are completely new to the Star Wars universe. The game has a lot of content, about 6 script writers worked on the plot. The combat system in the management of the main character is limited to the sword and the strength, abilities of the Jedi. The main character will not have small arms. A feature of the game can be called an improvement system, in this game it is not the character himself who is pumped over but his battle sword. The sword will grow and change.

The main character will have his own ship, thanks to which he will be able to move between locations. At the same time, as the developers assure, there will be no boot screens and it will be able to move almost instantly. That’s just how it will look like in practice is not yet known. Perhaps the movement itself on the ship can be part of the mission and the main character can control the ship.

The main character is Cal Kestis, an ordinary worker at the factory for the dismantling of the empire’s spacecraft. Cal Kestis is a Padawan and he has to fight with imperial stormtroopers and various creatures living on the planet. The confrontation between the soldiers of the empire and our main character unfolds on the planet Kashiike. Cal flew to Kashiik in search of one of the local resistance heroes.

The main weapon of Cal Kestis is the lightsaber and the magical power of the Jedi. The main character can move by jumping on the walls, from one to another. Deftly away from the shots and attacks of the imperial stormtroopers, while skillfully using their abilities. Cal Kestis can slow down time, attract or throw away enemies, throw a lightsaber in the direction of the enemy. And use your power in interaction with objects that occur as you progress through the mission.

As well as his assistant droid BD-1, who accompanies our hero sitting on his shoulder. Droid BD-1 helps to complete the mission of the plot. he can climb an object and take an action after which Cal can go on. For example, hack the control panel, open the passage, show a map of the area. By the way, the map that shows the drone with the terrain plan, as a projection, will have to be activated more than once. Since the developers have cleared the screen from the interface elements. Another nice drone of BD-1 is that he carries with him containers that restore the health of our main character. Containers are restored at save points where the hero can meditate. After the main character’s meditation, opponents reappear in the location.

Recovery containers are limited and at the very beginning of the game, the hero has only 2 containers for recovery of lives. You can increase the number of containers with the help of improvements at the level or find it by exploring the location.


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