Wild West Dynasty is a new survival game for a hero in the Wild West

Hello dear friends! More recently, developers from the studio Virtual Magic Games presented a new game Wild West Dynasty, which is due out in 2022. The game gives you the opportunity to see and feel the development of the Wild West. In a literal sense, the player begins the development and construction of his own ranch. The game is made in the genre of strategy, economic simulator, survival and adventure.

The main task of a cowboy is the construction and development of his settlement, in which you need to establish the main production of resources for life. And then look for and create new villages for new settlers. At the same time, the game is not limited to the usual construction, since the developers will bring a story company into the game. In the story company, about a hundred interesting tasks are planned with their own twists and turns.

I must say that the developers from the studio Virtual Magic Games already have experience in creating good games of this genre. For example, Medieval Dynasty, which tells and clearly shows the life and development of a medieval settlement. The player can interact with the open world, where you can pick berries and mushrooms, hunt, fell the forest, fish and many other interesting things. The game also has the effect of the environment on the character.

About the plot in the game Wild West Dynasty.

The time of action of the game Wild West Dynasty takes place in America in 1800. This is the period when people were striving to create a good and beautiful life, the time of the gold rush and the development of new lands in America. Many have already sung to settle in their area of ​​the territory and our hero has to realize the same goal.

Perhaps, places with gold deposits will be a valuable territory for cowboys. Since in this case the settlement will be able to develop autonomously and cooperate with other settlements. In addition, people are happy to come to such places to get rich. As a result, our hero goes from an ordinary cowboy to the mayor of his city.

For the first time, the hero comes to the Wild West and settles in an abandoned ranch. Which must first be repaired, and then a normal life should be established. In the beginning, you will have to engage in hunting and gathering resources, thanks to which the hero will be able to repair a new house. Thanks to the first resources, it will be possible to earn extra money.

Having rebuilt his first house, the hero can go in search of new friends in neighboring ranches. Where you can meet and accept tasks from local residents, for which the hero will receive awards. In such tasks, the most amazing and exciting stories can be revealed. Having established relations with neighbors, the hero will be able to invite willing residents to live on his ranch.

For new residents, you will need to build additional buildings and houses. Even a building such as the sheriff’s house will be available. Wild West Dynasty will not do with an ordinary construction simulator, since the game will have hostile gangs with which you will need to fight. Sometimes gangs will raid settlements, so you have to take up arms and learn how to defend yourself.