Northgard Eagle Clan review and game tips Guide

There are many clans in the Northgard game, and each clan has its own special advantages that allow you to create a counterbalance on the battlefield. Each clan has its own heroes, who are of key importance in the development of the clan and the conduct of hostilities. In different clans, the number of heroes is different, as well as their strengths. Some heroes can be upgraded by upgrading in “Giving” and “Career”, others additionally with the help of artifacts.

To defeat the enemy, you need to know all the chips of the clans and use them effectively correctly. Some clans have a good priority in terms of production, others have good military qualities. Some clans have balanced characteristics and perform the role of support, they can fight well and produce resources.

Description of the clan “Eagle”, in the game Northgard.

The people of Clan “Eagle” are considered the explorers of Hrasvelg and do not need a large territory to extract resources. Deep knowledge of the area allows them to use the territory to the maximum advantage, which allows them to survive even in desert places. The main leader of the clan is Grif, who is considered the last representative of the fallen clan.

The main features of the clan “Eagle” from other clans is the ability to extract resources from the conquered territories. Thanks to the experienced scouts of the Sokolniki clan, who know how to control live eagles. Trained eagles also help in the process of fighting enemies, they descend from the sky and distract the enemy from the attack with great speed.

In addition to active actions, eagles can still give bonuses to attack and production. This may require Sokolniki, with which you can activate the ability and direct it to the desired territory. If sent to enemy territory, then the fighters and the hero will receive bonuses. When sent to the production territory, the clan receives bonuses to production.

In order to play more comfortably with the Eagle clan, you need to try to use the priorities that Sokolniki give. Almost the entire gameplay takes place with the active participation of Sokolniki. You have to constantly transfer their abilities from one place to another. And without the work of Sokolnikov, it will be a little difficult, as production will be a little slower.

Starting bonuses of the clan “Eagle”, in the game Northgard.

  • Aviary.

This is a special building that only the Eagle clan has and replaces scouts. However, they do not require a place to build, but there are 3 buildings available in total. In the building “Aviary” you can hire “Falconers”, which are considered scouts and support. The main priority of the Sovolniks is that they cannot be damaged, their health can only decrease from hunger and cold.

  • Burial grounds.

The Orla clan can create burial grounds from cleared zones. Within 2 months in the cleared zones, fighters and villagers can be healed. In the same period of time, hawks collect resources. The amount of resources depends on how many Birdhouses have been built.

  • Special hiding places of the Orla clan.

Over time, Birders and Eagles can search the map for Buried Caches, which can contain valuable resources. Caches appear in random places, they can appear in their own territory and in enemy territory. Exploring the Buried Cache will require the Falconer to explore the cache. In enemy territory, the cache can be explored after capturing the territory into your zone.

Penalty clan “Eagle”, in the game Northgard.

  • Glory for the territory.

Clan “Eagle” does not receive bonuses in “Glory” for the number of territories. From some point of view, this moment can complicate the victory over other players. Since other clans may have priority in victory from the occupied territories.

Clan bonuses “Glory”, in the game Northgard.

  • Glory 200 units. Nomadic tribe.

All creatures consume 30% less food and firewood if outside their territory. Zones can be upgraded using the Food resource. In improved zones, houses give +1 to the population, and military buildings + 1 to the squad. Therefore, it is advisable to first improve the zones where “Houses” and “Military buildings” are located.

  • Glory 500 units. Search for prey.

Explored ruins, ship wrecks and all special zones can be explored one more time. When researching repeatedly from buildings, you can also get and find resources. There is an additional chance to pick up a bonus in a zone where this bonus has already been received. As for special zones, it is not yet clear how the bonus will be calculated and to which territories it applies.

The protagonist of the Eagle clan is Grif, in the game Northgard.

When Grif was small, his clan fell, but the griffin was lucky and was taken in by the followers of Hrasvelg. In the process of growing up, Grif learned to survive and adapt to everything, which eventually got the opportunity to become the head of the Eagle clan.

The vulture is a quite competitive leader among other clan leaders. Is a melee fighter, attacking enemies with a spear. Inflicts 18 units in one hit at the initial stage of development, in the process the indicator can be raised to approximately 27 units. Defense is 10 units, and health is 75 units. Attack indicators can be considered quite good.

Hero ability.

Grif also has his own active ability “Hawk”, which increases attacks by + 10%. You do not need to manually activate it, when entering enemy territory, the hawk begins to fly in the air over the territory where the hero is located. Becomes available in battle after leveling up in the “Guards” dowry.

Clan relic “Eagle”, in the game Northgard.

The relic of the Eagle clan is called the Vidopnir Feather, which allows you to find the Forbidden Cache. Great riches and great dangers can be found in this cache. Another kind of hiding place, of course, is good, but the dangers in it are unlikely to please anyone.

From one cache comes such warriors as “Jotun Dragur”, “Valkyrie” and a ghost. In this case, all of the above appear at the same time. If there is no decent army, then we do not recommend exploring, as there is a risk of losing valuable workers and territory. For example, one Jotun Dragur has 20 attack and 100 health.

Also, the relic gives a permanent bonus to strength by +2% for all fighters, for each cache explored. Total can be increased to +10% strength. You just need to find caches and explore them, bonuses are automatically calculated and also added up. Not that it’s a big bonus, but it won’t be superfluous.

Bonuses tree “Lore”, in the game Northgard.

Lore bonuses, just like those of other clans, have their own values and priorities. At the same time, it is desirable to take into account the importance of the studied legends at the initial stage, so as not to miss the priority development.

  • “Guardians”.

Falconers gain the Watchkeeping ability, which allows them to send their Hawk to watch an area for additional bonuses. In the territory where the hawk observes, the attacks of fighters increase by + 10%. If the hawk is watching the production area, then trained workers will receive + 15% to the production of resources.

The vulture also gets his hawk to help him in combat. The hawk is activated automatically when the hero enters the battle. Enemy fighters will miss the first few times.

It is advisable to pump the “Guardians” on the second improvement of the giving, since an additional increase in productivity accelerates the development of the clan. But, in this case, you need to hire an additional falconer. One falconer scouts while the other provides a production bonus.

  • Foraging.

The Eagle clan gains 60% more resources when closing a Wolf Lair or Draugr Grave, or when colonizing a zone. But, it is not advisable to close the lairs, since you can extract resources from them using the “Burial Grounds”, in bags.

We recommend that you do not close the lairs near your territories, but make raids to clear out enemies. This will allow you to collect valuable resources at the initial stage of the game. At the same time, resources appear “Iron” and “Stone”, which still need to be collected from the mine.

  • Blood Eagle.

Falconers can protect their allies with Blind on created Burial Grounds. The hawk blinds the targeted creature, and the blinded enemy misses for 3 seconds. improvement is very good, as it allows you to gain time and attack enemy fighters in the first 3 seconds without taking damage.

The Blood Eagle bonus only works on already created burial grounds. That is, when the first battle was won and the territory was cleared of enemy fighters. After that, in the same territory, the “blind” ability will work.

It is advisable to pump with the third clan giving. Since it develops in the attacking branch and will give priority to future battles. Although in most cases it rarely works and only when there is an attack on another clan.

  • Training field.

Designed to extract bonuses from free territories near the clan borders. In this case, such a territory must be cleared of enemy neutral creatures. One free territory gives +1 unit of happiness.

If we take into account another bonus, which is issued for 200 units of “Glory” loot search, then the bonus will be very useful. Since it is beneficial to keep military fighters outside their territory, at least for one zone.

  • Robbery.

Plunder allows hawks to extract useful territories with Boneyard in enemy territories. To do this, you need to recapture the territory from the enemy clan, that is, to colonize.

The tactics of the development of the clan “Eagle”, in the game Northgard.

At the beginning of the game, we build the “Aviary” and a building for the extraction of firewood. We explore new territories and colonize those free from neutral enemies. We give priority to those territories where there is an opportunity to develop the production of “Food”. You can first build buildings for the production of food, and then another “Aviary”. On the main territory, you need to build a building for sailors in order to receive “Gold”, which is needed to hire a hero and the first army.

We are building another Poultry House on the same territory so that falconers open territories faster. In addition, the “Ptichnik” does not require a place for construction. In the future, the second falconer can be used to increase production growth. At the same time, two “Birdhouses” can bring more resources from the “Burial Ground” when the territory is cleared of neutral enemies.

In the future, you can build a third “Aviary” to increase the resources received from the defeated neutral fighters. Such resources will not be superfluous and it is not even necessary to hire a falconer in the third building, since the hawks are in separate slots. Therefore, the initial game, and the rest of the game by the Orel clan, is completely repelled by Sokolniki and the special building Poultry House.

Forge and relic.

Then you need to continue to develop the territory and build various buildings, including the Forge. The forge can be built when the first Iron appears, as it is needed to research the clan relic. Or, build a forge when Grif, a clan hero, is hired. The clan relic will open the opportunity to get the “Mysterious Cache”, which contains a lot of valuable resources and bonuses to strength.

In the “Mysterious Cache” you can find resources and trouble. Therefore, it is advisable to first get a hero and a good army in order to defeat the enemy who will come out of the cache. Without an army, it is not recommended to open the “Forbidden Cache” so as not to lose territory.

An attack on an enemy clan in the game Northgard.

It is advisable to first study all the available military research in the legend and explore several “Buried Caches”. Since caches give an additional bonus of up to + 10% to attack. This is of course a small percentage, however, it will not be superfluous.

We take with us one Sokolnik, which can be called a military man. Since he will need to use the ability to summon a hawk to monitor enemy territory. This will give another +10% to the attack of allied fighters, which will further simplify the battle.

We recruit an army to your liking, you can hire a lot of ax throwers, and put the main deterrence of the blow on the hero. The hero has a slight advantage in receiving attacks if the hawk attachment is upgraded. The first few attacks on the hero will miss. And ax throwers as support for the hero. You can take melee units, but in this case, losses in the ranks are likely.

In pushing through enemy territories, the Eagle clan has a significant advantage due to the Burial Ground. Since, in addition to the extracted resources, allied fighters can be treated on the same territory. We are treated and continue to push through enemy territory. If the strength of the enemy army is large, then it is better to retreat to your territory and wait for the right moment.

Conclusion on the clan “Eagle”, in the game Northgard.

The Eagle clan is quite simple to manage and interesting, in order to win on the battlefields, you need to use the existing priorities. However, not all enemy clans can be defeated. Difficulties can arise with such clans, where there are strong heroes and a strong army. As a result, the clan “Eagle” can be called conditionally military and developed, in terms of obtaining valuable resources.

With the maintenance of a large army, problems may not arise if there is free territory near your territory. Since it is possible and necessary to keep military fighters there. This significantly saves resources.

Burial grounds can be called a priority moment for the Orla clan in military operations. Since in the territories cleared of enemy fighters, the Hawks begin to heal allies. This priority allows you not to withdraw allied fighters to your territory in order to restore strength.

Hidden chip clan “Eagle”, in the game Northgard.

There is another cool hidden feature of the Orla clan, this is the construction of two “Houses” on the same territory. It seems that 1-2 clans in the Northgard game also have such an opportunity. Houses naturally take up space on the territory, but there is the possibility of a significant increase in numbers on a small piece of land. To do this, you will need to establish a good production of “Happiness”.