Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Review of a futuristic action game

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a new futuristic action game from developers Gearbox Software, who plan to release the game in 2023. Players are in for an adventure in a miniature world full of jokes, wonders and cool weapons. The characters under the control of the players will fight as they want, you can go to rob, shoot, use witchcraft skills and magic. The main task of the journey is to defeat the despotic Dragon Lord.


The world around the game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

The world of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has no rules, where a lot is possible. Huge wonderland world with big cities, areas with mushroom forests, dangerous inhabitants living in fortresses and other beautiful sights. Such as the sight of trees, tiny treasure chests that you want to get your hands on as soon as possible. Cheese sticks, giant soda cans, push pins, and more can be scattered around.

On the global world map, players can find the battle zones of Wonderland. In the process of exploring the world, players will see from a third person and from a bird’s eye view. It is possible to not stick to the course and change the direction of research, in which case you can expect excellent treasures in chests, collectibles, shards of the altar, and other valuables. There may be locations with separate tasks of their own.

Even if you meet a dangerous enemy on the way, you can choose several solutions. For example, you can not engage in battle with him if there is no desire to fight or crack with some weapon so that he does not reach the hero. But, if you decide on a brave decision and want to join the battle, then there is an opportunity to receive valuable rewards.

Co-op play in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Players can enter the battlefield in a pair with a friend. Two players can take to the battlefield when playing on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. If it is possible to fight on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S, then four people can go to the battlefield.

When entering the battlefield with allied players, the enemy world adjusts to the existing capabilities and experience of the players. Enemies will become noticeably stronger. With trophies, it’s almost the same, everyone sees their received trophies, this is a good opportunity to get normal things. There may be another mode where players can share the things they find or keep everything for themselves.

Classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

  • Brr-zerk

Brr-zerk – This is a melee hero with outstanding strength and courage. The homeland of these warriors is a mountainous area covered with ice. Over the years of living in this difficult and cold area, the ancestors of the Brr-zerk were able to find an opportunity to draw strength from the winter cold.

  • Claw Bearer

The Clawbearer is a magical warrior capable of unleashing the powers of thunder and flame on enemies with his ghostly hammer. And in support they have a companion “Fire-breathing wyvern”. In their world they have mighty claw knights who show heroism in Wonderland. Not many people know that dragon blood flows in these brave warriors.

  • Child of the Grave

The child of the grave is a magical warrior of black magic who is able to unleash truly strong elements on enemies, but it often happens that they sacrifice their health. The main source of energy is taken from the enemy’s pain and defeat, with each defeated soul their power grows. There is also a downside to such abilities, if the accumulated energy is low, then the “Child of the Grave” will waste its health. Each such hero has his own constant companion “a powerful ancient half-lich”.

  • Spellgun

Spellshooter is a wizard hero who specializes in ranged attacks. His main weapons are magic and cool guns that are able to keep the enemy at a distance and kill enemies. Spellshooters have been studying magical magic for a long period of time and have achieved outstanding success. These warriors can imbue their weapons with magical power, giving them an even greater advantage. They also possess secret magic, where enemy heroes, after application, can turn into a furry animal.

  • Sporovik

Sporovik – These brave warriors have the knowledge of nature and the elements of nature. Such knowledge allows them to use whirlwinds and shoot magical arrows. The habitat is located in protected areas, where the area is famous for the beauty of the surrounding world of Wonderland. Their constant companion is a gas-filled mushroom.

  • Knifemancer

The Knifemancer is a melee fighter that can deal critical hits. Able to summon magical blades to the battlefield and dissolve into shadows. Combat tactics are considered from hidden attacks and the selection of weak points of the enemy in order to have time to strike the first and decisive blow. The fighters of this class are very fast and maneuverable, which allows them to dodge enemy attacks with dexterity.

Multi class, in the game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Players in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands can create quite a unique character. Among other players, in most cases, the created hero will not look like other heroes. From the list above, you can choose standard classes and they have several development options. This already gives some variety on the battlefield and in some cases the advantage of the players.

Multiclass is the next stage in the development of the hero from the selected initial classes. After the hero has reached its full development in the first class, players have the opportunity to add another class to the hero. This makes it possible to create one hero with two different classes. At the same time, the heroes will receive the same development branches that are available to the regular class. Only in the case of the “Multi-class” players already have two branded active skills.

The game has character classes that have companions and pets. If the character has reached the ability to add another class, then when choosing a class with a companion, he can get 2 assistants on the battlefield. Unless, of course, a class with a pet was chosen at the beginning. In general, this adds more variety to the game.

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, there is a limited number of points to level up your character. It will not work to pump all the development branches, so you need to spend points wisely. It is advisable to pump depending on the style of the game and the selected character. If you don’t like pumping, then you can redistribute the points for a fee.

Weapons, guns, spells and other pranks.

Characters have the ability to use different types of weapons, melee, ranged combat, spells. There are well-known weapons, like from shooters, machine guns, pistols and others. Weapons unique to the game can also be found, such as Dahlia, the Gunpowder, Ferior, Stoker and others. All these weapons have their own advantages on the battlefield.

As for spells, the selected class has some spells or abilities. In other cases, spells can be found on the battlefield. In this case, all classes can use all the spells that were found in battle. Some of the spells are offensive, while others are designed to protect yourself and allies.

Conclusion on the game Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

The developers have tried to create a game with a lot of variety and quite an interesting environment. In the cooperative game mode, the enemy fighters are correspondingly strong, which will not let even experienced players get bored. If, of course, you go into battle with a pumped comrade, and your character is a little weaker, then it is quite possible to get hit in the ass. Thanks to the multi-class system, players can implement two classes at once in one hero, which gives even more variety.