Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord game with great features of medieval time

The development of the game Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is working at TaleWorlds Entertainment. Surprisingly, not many people believe that the game was first presented to the public back in 2012. And all this time it was refined and improved. And the prerequisites in the continuation of the development contributed to the fan. club. After which the developers were noticed by Paradox Interactive and entered into a partnership with them. And already in March 2020, the game should be available.

The developers improved the game by increasing the global map, adding new locations. As well as the external perception of the environment. The game implements a system of changing weather conditions with the seasons, which directly affect the characteristics of the hero and the army. Archers at night receive a penalty for attack. And in the winter, the maintenance of the army increases markedly and morale decreases. Which in turn significantly affects the game process.

Management of the hero is implemented from a third person behind the back of the hero. In the same form, fighting takes place with enemy soldiers and the command of the army. Build, form and give orders to the unit. But you can control the hero on the global map with a top view.

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is a story about a simple mortal warfare that went all the way from the bottom and ascended to the top to lead the kingdom. The main character will have to help and carry out tasks from ordinary residents, gradually collecting army and equipment. And take its place among several warring factions.

Ascent to the throne takes place on the territory of Calradia, where several kingdoms are at war with each other. Before the hero, any directions are open to achieve the desired goals. A simple goal to take its place in the sun and survive, while maintaining a good reputation. Yes, reputation can be quite important. After all, if you go along the criminal path and rob caravans and engage in smuggling, you can get a fine or even lose your hero. You can play as an ordinary warrior, but in order to achieve high goals you need an army. Having collected that the hero will become a commander.

With the loss of a hero, you can continue, but with a different character. The developers came up with an interesting passing system and introduced the dynasty tree into the game. To do this, you will need to bring a family in and give birth to children who will need to be trained and raised. And how exactly this will happen is not yet known. It is also not known how a player grown and brought up by the previous character of the player will affect the game process and the possible characteristics of the new one.

The hero, as he progresses, receives experience points that need to be spent to improve the characteristics. Troops also have improvements. In some cases, in order to be able to replenish the army with good fighters, you need to be in good relations with special figures in the settlement. The better the relationship, the better army he can offer.

Enemy soldiers under the control of artificial intelligence on the battlefield behave thoughtfully and in some cases take into account the behavior of the player. He thinks over the position of the troops and their military operations on the ground. But at the same time it has the same tools that are available to the player. The siege of fortresses is probably one of the most interesting moments in the game. Fortresses can be captured using various strategic opportunities even. For example, if the army is not enough, then the player can surround the fortress and interrupt the supply of provisions.

The developers took into account the fact that the soldiers need to be fed. And the larger the army, the more hassle and problems. Since there is a need for the maintenance of the army. If not a large detachment can do the usual hunt, then the army will have to take caravans with food. Which in turn opens up new opportunities for the player to the strategy.

And during the siege of the fortress, caravans with provisions may also be required. Even if you managed to capture some fortress, you will have to take into account the need for food. And rely on the fact that in the near future the captured fortress will have to be defended and depart from the enemy siege. It is possible that the enemy army will also decide to act, besieging the fortress and use catapults.

The economy in cities deserves special attention, since each captured village produces its own resources, which are sent to the city. And for the delivery of resources, caravans are used that can be attacked and robbed. Which can significantly complicate the development of the settlement and upset its balance. The price policy of robbery of caravans is also changing, for example, prices can increase from a low amount of some resource. But in their interests, these moments can also be used in raids on other states and fortresses.