The Unliving 2021 game About a necromancer who creates an army of his enemies

The Unliving is a game in the RPG action-game bagel genre, about a necromancer gathering his army. The game is being developed by the developer RocketBrush Studio. And despite the fact that the graphics are executed from the time of 90 years. Its mechanics and the game process is able to take free time for an hour or so different. The game itself is due out in 2021.

The missions in the game are designed in such a way that when the character dies, the surrounding world is randomly generated. And you have to go through the passed section as the first time. And with the defeat, the necromancer loses his collected things and army, and the accumulated experience is preserved. So he can use his skill with the same advantage.

About the plot.

The main character has to solve the mysteries of his life and immortality. To do this, look for mysterious notes and interrogate answers from enemies in order to remember and restore the memory of the protagonist “Necromancer”. And also unravel the secrets of his companion “Phylactery”.

About the protagonist of the Necromancer.

The player will control a character in the role of a necromancer who collects his many thousandth army. And he goes to burn villages, subjugating to himself all the big cities and territories. The army itself accumulates and is formed from defeated enemies, peasants.

There are different types of opponents in the game and each opponent has its own strengths. As well as classes and specializations. At the same time, the “necromancer” can resurrect a defeated opponent. And the resurrected enemy becomes different and goes over to the side of the Necromancer, retaining the abilities that they had before.

For example, in the game there are priests from the peasants who bless the peasants on the battlefield. When such a priest passes under the control of the Necromancer, he begins to use his abilities in the opposite direction.

The main strength of the Necromancer is its abilities and spells, thanks to which it can subjugate the army to itself. At the same time, past submission, he can lead them into sacrifice, thereby reproducing their ability after death.

About the gameplay.

In the process of passing on the cards there are bosses. They have decent strength and are able to defeat a small army. But, if you defeat him, you can benefit from him and maybe he will take your side, the side of the Necromancer.

As mentioned above, cards are randomly generated. And in revenge with this, the arrangement of new artifacts and traps with secret rooms is changing. Passing locations, you need to take into account the inhabitants of this area, in order to simplify the process of passing.

In battles with bosses it will be necessary to think over tactical actions, so bosses have their own unique traits, battle style and abilities.

It is known that opponents on the map are not restored. And this means that you will have to play the Necromancer on your own, and save the army for future offensives.

Opponents on the map have several fractions. And one of the factions can panic, while retreating do not always run to their allies. They can run to another faction, which for them can be just as hostile.

A faction of peasants can gather in the militia and patrol the territory. In this case, defeating them will not be easy. Even if they have ordinary soldiers who have forks in their hands.

About the conclusion.

From the stories of the developers, the game is performed at a modern level. If you do not pay attention to the graphics, then the game can be quite interesting. A random generation of the world will allow players not to get bored from the passage.