French medium tank Somua S35

The French medium tank Somua S35 had at that time high firepower, security and mobility, was the most successful French tank and one of the best tanks of its time. Due to the use of a single tower, the commander was forced to simultaneously search for targets, direct and reload the gun and coordinate the actions of the crew. This reduced the ability of the crew to respond quickly to changes in the combat situation and reduced the firepower of the tank. In total, by the time of the surrender of France on June 22, 1940, 427 S35 tanks were launched.

Until 1940, the S35 tanks as the most successful and modern weapons entered exclusively in the French part and were not sold abroad. These machines were equipped with shelves of mechanized cavalry (48 each) of three light mechanized divisions (DLM). S35 was in service with the 4th Kirasirsky, 18th Dragoon (1 DLM), 13th and 29th Dragoon (2 DLM), 1st and 2nd Kirasirsky (3 DLM) regiments. Since the beginning of active hostilities, they tried to create 4 DLMs in the 3rd and 7th Cuirassiers regiments, however, this idea was abandoned and the unit was distributed to combat units. The 3rd Cuirassier Regiment (2 squadrons) received reinforcement from the 4th tank reserve division (DCR) of General de Gaulle.

There were 50 S35 tanks in the 6th Light Cavalry Division (DLC) in Tunisia.

With the defeat of France, about 300 S35 went to the Germans, who retrofitted the commander’s turret with a double hatch. PzKplw 35S 739 (f) were used on the Eastern Front in a 211 m tank battalion, in a 204 m tank regiment in the Crimea. In Normandy, the 100th reserve tank battalion and the 206th tank battalion, partially equipped with machines of this type, fought with the allies. During the fighting in France in 1944 in the 21st Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht were listed as 23 S35.

32 Somua S35 went to Italy, 2 to Hungary, 6 – Bulgaria. In 1941, the Germans converted 60 tanks into artillery tractors, and 15 vehicles entered service with amphibious groups of Wehrmacht armored trains.

With the re-establishment of the French state in 1944, the 1 st French Army was formed, which was joined by the troops of the French internal forces (FFI), who liberated the country. The FFI tank regiments were partly equipped with French equipment repulsed by the Germans. Thus, the 13th Dragoon Regiment had one squadron of 17 S35 tanks.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the French medium tank Somua S35 is on level 3. For its class it fully meets the requirements, it is average and indicators can also be called average. You can play and quite comfortable.

From the armament to the French medium tank Somua S35, you can install one of the three guns 47 mm SA34, 47 mm SA35 or 47 mm SA37. The best choice of cannons is 47 mm SA37. Thanks to this weapon you can pierce armor with 66 millimeters of armor and inflict one-time damage of 55 units.