Black Desert online game review or is it worth playing

Black Desert is a massive open-world MMORPG where you can do a lot of interesting things. The game is designed in this way, moving a long distance around the world, there will be no loading of the location. This suggests that the developers from the Pearl Abyss studio tried to implement a seamless world and they turned out great. At the same time, we managed to set up amazing graphics, but you can only run it on good hardware. Anyone can play the game Black Desert and it is absolutely free.

There are about 21 playable heroes in the game Black Desert and this makes the game unique in comparison with others in this genre. The available classes may be of interest to most fans of such genres and may find something new for themselves.

About the plot in the game Black Desert.

Once a large and friendly world split into two warring states, this is the kingdom of Valencia and the Union. Who began to fight for the possession of artifacts, which are called “black stones”. It so happened that the territory is divided by a border on which rich deposits of valuable artifacts are located. And on the way to them, there are different neutral creatures, with different attitudes towards the heroes. Some creatures are friendly while others are hostile.

Of course, the main task of these states is to obtain valuable artifacts. But a hero who has entered the service of some state will be able to independently choose his occupation. For example, he can postpone the main tasks and start completing additional ones.

Gameplay in the game Black Desert.

The combat system is implemented in the style of an action game, where you need to try to find the right combination to defeat the enemy. All combat processes are performed by the player while controlling the character from the third person. The game contains helpers in the form of pets, who act as collectors of things dropped after battles.

Combat weapons are assigned to the selected character class. At the same time, you often don’t have to change weapons, since the game implements the process of crafting weapons, in the form of sharpening. Sharpenings increase the characteristics of the weapon if installed. Sharpenings have their own combinations that increase the different characteristics of the weapon. And everything seems simple at first glance, you need to find a sharpening and insert it into the object. But, there is a percentage of luck that the sharpening can or may not be installed. In the event of a failed sharpening installation, the object breaks and repairs have to be made.

In the battle with other enemy fighters, you have to be vigilant and react. Since the character can be killed by enemy creatures even with good pumping. The hostile world tries to adapt to the pumped player and match his level. This makes the game even more interesting and not boring.

In the process of completing the main and secondary tasks, you can attract friends or allies who can help you complete a difficult task. These partners can be found in major cities using a conversational approach. This makes the walkthrough look interesting and possibly even simple.

About the siege of the castle.

After battling common neutral enemies, players can start battles for castles and fortresses. In this mode, siege weapons are available, with the help of which you can try to enter the territory of the castle and pick up valuable resources. But such battles are not available to everyone. To have the opportunity to take part in the siege of castles, you need to join a guild.

Items for the character in the game Black Desert.

There are a lot of interesting items in the Black Desert game. The developers have tried so hard that the character can even choose panties. And this moment is available not only to female characters, but also to male characters. Some players even had such a question, why did they even need to include an element of underwear. But you can tell some player about what kind of panties they went into battle.

Conclusion on the game Black Desert.

A game with fairly good graphics, which has a change in the time of day. Of course, the time of day is present in most of these games, but not all games have so many classes. In addition, there may be such class features that have not been encountered previously in other games. It may also be a pleasant moment that the game does not have an upper level for character leveling. While, in some other games, there is a maximum pumping up to level 99.