Desperados 3 new character Doc McCoy

The developer of the game Desperados 3 studio Mimimi Productions, recently introduced to the public a new character Doc McCoy. For those who do not know about Desperados 3, this is a tactical strategy where you need to control several characters in the style of the good old Commandos. The game has an active pause, which simplifies the passage of the game.

Doc McCoy is a cowboy doctor with no less skills than other characters. Armed with a pistol with a sniper scope, it can deal with any enemy at a long distance.

And his skills as a field medic will become irreplaceable in saving his characters from critical injuries. Gang allies are not so dangerous to send into battle when there is not much insurance in the form of Dr. McCoy.

He takes a medical bag with him on assignments. Which carries a secondary weapon in the form of poison in a syringe and gas in a bottle. And also the bag can be used as a bait, throwing it in the path of viewing the enemy.