Desperados 3 about the new character of Hector Mendoza and his abilities.

More recently, the studio Mimimi Games, which is the developer of the game Desperados 3 introduced the public a new character. The name of the new hero is Hector Mendoza or the bear, so the developers are positioning him.

He received the nickname of a bear due to the fact that he specializes in bear traps. And in itself is a bit like that same bear. A very strong guy capable of carrying on himself not very light enemies who were stunned.

About abilities.

In order to install a trap, our hero must first go to the place of its installation. And then perform the installation process. In order for the enemy fighter to end up in this trap, Hector Mendoza whistles and leaves for a safe place not far from the installation. And the enemy fighter, having heard the sounds, goes to the place for checking and gets into the established trap by Hector Mendoza.

But his superiority does not end there, if he is attacked in hand-to-hand combat, he can use an ax. And without causing much noise, eliminate the enemy. In this case, the enemy may not even cause damage. Another of the few features with the use of an ax, which allows you to eliminate the enemy at a time. This is jumping from a higher surface onto the heads of enemies with an ax hitting them.

If the noise level does not matter, a firearm may go into business. He is a specialist in shotguns. His shotgun is dangerous at short and medium range, and a shocking wave with a shot can hit several enemy fighters in one shot.

All these charms from managing a new character should give players a lot of fun. What is it worth to set a trap when the enemy comes upon him. Of course, it is not entirely clear how the enemy players were set up in such a way that they are not able to see such a large trap installed. Nevertheless, the trap can work out its function perfectly well.

The game Desperados 3 is due out in June 2020 and as the developers assure, their project will be supported by three additions. Each addition includes new tasks. Tentative additions will be released throughout 2020.