Last Oasis character extraction tips

One of the important points in the Last Oasis game is to increase the level and discover the necessary technologies. The development of technology allows characters to gain advantages over other players in terms of weapons, security and technological development. Which ultimately allows you to use the perfect equipment and walkers.

In order to increase the levels of technological development, “Fragments” are needed, which are then produced in “Tablets”. Received “Plates” can be spent on improving the “Development Tree”.

The locations of the Fragments.

In total, the game has several locations of “Fragments” and each of them has its own difficulty in mining and searching. Some of them are in dangerous areas where you need to fight. And others in places where you need to apply dexterity and knowledge.

  • The first location of the Fragments is the village of Rupu.

Of all the available places in the game, “Rupu Village” is probably the richest place and the most dangerous. Since the village is protected by its inhabitants “Rupu”. If you manage to clean up the village and defeat the residents of Rupu, you will earn good money.

Sometimes from one Rupu warrior you can take about 7 Fragments, but such probabilities are very low. In most cases, you can collect from one warrior up to 3 “Fragments”. It also happens that in the killed “Rupu” there are no “Fragments” at all, but some “Tree” is located. Most of the “Fragments” can be found in the “Shamans Rupu”.

In the “Village of Rupu” is the “Totem”, in which you can also find the “Fragments”. Moreover, the Fragments themselves have the property of reproducing themselves and appear in it after a while.

Another place to find Fragments is Pitchers. To get resources from them, “Pitchers” need to be broken, but more often than not ordinary resources fall out.

  • Second place on the map is “Wooden debris with flags.”

Located in the middle of the desert and marked with different flags or cloth. To get the “Fragments” you need to break the barrel, examine the skeleton or take a hanging bag. In this case, you can get about 5 “Fragments”.

  • Third place is the “Debris”.

There are three things on the ship itself, these are Packing, Old Chest and Hanging Sack. You can take the packaging by hand, but the “Old Chest” must be broken with the “Ax”. To get the “Sack” you need to use the “Hook” and climb to the top of the ship, since the “Sack” is at the top.

If you take all the available items on the “Debris”, you can get a total of about 15 pieces of “Fragments”.

  • Fourth place, ruined building.

In such places you can collect a large number of “Fragments”, about 20 pieces. There are “Fragments” in a closed box, which can be opened only with the help of “Harpoon” at “Hodun”. It was originally planned that players would cling to these boxes and drag them around the map until they break.

And this is a big waste of time, which is not advisable, since you can do everything much faster and easier. To do this, being on any walker, catch on the chest from the opposite side. So, what would the movement of the walker, the chest itself rested against the structure. As a result, the chest will simply crack.

The Hodun Spider method is even faster. You need to hook the chest with an arrow from the “Harpoon”, which is located on the “Spider Walker”. In this case, you need to be next to the chest. And then just push the chest itself onto the Spider Hodun structures. Thus, breaking the chest will turn out faster. And just as quickly get the Fragments themselves, so be near the box.

  • Fifth place is the Big Box.

It is also located near the ruined wooden building with a flag on top. And the very location of the construction in a desert area. So, before traveling, it is better to stock up on water.

It is impossible to break such a chest with an ordinary “Ax” or “An ordinary arrow” from “Harpoon”. To destroy it, you need a special arrow called the “Fire Arrow”. By firing at the Big Box from Harpoon with the Fire Arrow, you can destroy it. And then collect all the contents.

While the “Big Box” is on, you can climb onto the building and take the “Packaging”, which can also contain “Fragments”. After the “Big Box” collapses from it, you can take up to 34 “Fragments”. Thus, it turns out that at present the Big Box is the most valuable in terms of extracting Fragments.