EVE Online Pro New Update Eclipse

The developers have updated the game more than once by introducing new events, and this time the introduction may concern the new company. In which the balance of power in New Eden may change. This update is planned to be introduced on April 6, 2020.

Hunting mode may return to the game. In this mode, players will have to look for special capsules that will need to be scanned first. After scanning, access to the task and resources will appear. Tentatively, this is a task for beginners who start on small ships.

EVE Online turns 17 years old and as part of the anniversary of the game, developers are preparing a new event in the third chapter, “Triglav Invasion.” Where players can influence the outcome of a major conflict event.

During the year, changes will be made to “New Eden” and players participating in the “Hunt” will have to face new dangers.