French medium tank SARL 42

The French medium tank SARL 42 was developed in 1940–1942. by engineer Hubert Clermont. The groundwork for the design of the infantry tank G1R, the design of which was discontinued in 1940, and the structural elements of the serial SOMUA S35 tank were used. Work on the tank took place under German occupation with the prospect of the project after the liberation of the country. However, in 1944 the project was recognized as technically obsolete.

In the online game World Of Tanks, the French medium tank SARL 42 is on level 4. This tank in terms of dynamics and mobility can rather be attributed to heavy tanks, and not to medium ones. From its predecessors, this tank is slightly faster, although it turns in place just as slowly as the previous ones. Reservations correspond to their class.

It is difficult to play on it. If you try to fire because of the terrain, then most likely the enemy tanks are attacking first. The French medium tank SARL 42 is not very successful tower design. The observation tower is rather higher than the gun itself and weak in booking. And because of this, enemy tanks are the first to do damage and take cover behind the terrain. And because of the slow speed of acceleration, the French medium tank SARL 42 does not have time to take aim at the enemy, hiding behind the relief going down, and in most cases it is possible to get one more damage to the turret.

On the French medium tank SARL 42 you can install one of 5 guns. 47 mm SA35, 47 mm SA37, 47 mm SA37 amélioré, 75 mm SA32 or 75 mm SA44. The choice of guns pleases. On this tank, you can install completely competitive weapons with a good breakdown of armor. Our choice was the 47 mm SA37 amélioré gun, which allowed us to pierce 106 millimeters of armor, inflict one-time damage of 55 units and at the same time quickly reload.

The maximum speed that the French medium tank SARL 42 can reach is 40 kilometers per hour. Not very fast but not so slow. Slow turning speed in place and low speed in reverse. According to these indicators, this tank is rather heavy than average.