Ghost of Tsushima A guide tips to increase the character’s fighting abilities and the best attacking Amulets

In the game Ghost of Tsushima, the main character Jin Skye has several special “Stances” that give priority over a certain enemy. There are 4 racks available: “Stone Stance”, “Water Stance”, “Wind Stance”, “Moon Stance”.

By choosing a stance, you decide over which types of enemy fighters the character will have an advantage. For example, “Stance of Stone” allows you to quickly defeat swordsmen, “Stance of Water” is intended from the shield bearers, “Stance of the Wind” gives priority against spearmen, “Stance of the Moon” gives priority over wars in heavy armor.

As a result, the character is faced with a difficult choice. You need to understand which enemies pose the greatest danger and are most often encountered on the battlefield. This is how you can use your skill points as efficiently as possible. And when meeting with enemies, speed up the battle time.

At the same time, mixed enemy armed units are present in the battles. In this case, it is necessary, before engaging in close combat, to eliminate from ranged weapons those enemy fighters for which special racks are not pumped. In this way, difficult fighting moments can be avoided.

Rack selection advice in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

The most harmful and difficult, in our opinion, are enemy fighters with shields and in heavy armor. Against them are the “Water Stance” against the shield bearers and the “Moon Stance” against heavy fighters. In our opinion, it is better to pump stances related to these types of enemy fighters. True, they are not found in large numbers, unlike swordsmen and spearmen.

The fact is that the shield bearers hold the blow well and are very distracting from the battle with other enemy fighters. You fight with other fighters, the shield-bearer runs, when you strike him, he blocks them with a shield. And at this time swordsmen and spearmen begin to attack.

If with swordsmen during disassembly a lot of work is not spent, then in terms of shield-bearers everything is a little different. Shield bearers take longer to win, as the shield interferes with successful attacks. Based on this, we recommend pumping the “Water Rack”.

Should I choose “Reflection” or “Evasion” in the game Ghost of Tsushima?

Let’s just answer, pump everything. The fact is that both indicators have a positive effect on the combat process as you level up. And they work differently in terms of different enemy fighters, possibly due to different levels. It also depends on the skill of the player and on the number of enemy groups. Increases the indicators of “Mizu-no-Kami”.

  • Reflection.

“Reflection” allows the character to reflect enemy attacks from common fighters. Increases the effect when paired with Ward of Mizu-no-Kami, which gives a successful parry and killing of enemy soldiers without being damaged by them. But with stronger opponents, it will be difficult to reflect attacks without an additional bonus from “Amulets”. When a character is attacked by several enemy fighters at the same time, it is not always possible to successfully use “Reflection”.

With “Reflection”, the character blocks an enemy attack with his sword and retreats a short distance.

  • Evasion.

“Evasion” is somewhat similar to “Reflection”, only the character does not touch his weapon to reflect an enemy attack. And after dodging, it can inflict its attack on an enemy fighter.

What is the difference between “Stances” and “Reflection”, “Evasion” in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

“Stances” are special special attacks that give priority over a specific enemy. In this case, the player and character spends less attention to defeat the enemy. If he fights against the class of the enemy fighter on which “Stance” is pumped.

“Reflection” and “Evasion” consume the player’s attention more and provide an opportunity to save health points. In addition, they can work against most enemy fighters. And they are more protective indicators than “Racks”.

The best “Wards”, which increase the damage done by the character in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Guardian of ferocity, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

The character gradually inflicts moderate melee damage on enemy soldiers. To get the amulet, you need to complete Masako’s story “The Traitor”, Masako’s sixth story “The Family Man”, or the side quest “Thief Without Guilt.”

  • Guardian of compulsion, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

When the “Daze” ability is triggered on an enemy fighter, the character can inflict increased damage from heavy attacks. The effect works on heavy attacks, when the enemy fighter misses the blow and he gets “Stunned”. At this time, the character’s attacks become stronger.

Considering that the character can already defeat stunned opponents, who practically become helpless. That, “Ward of compulsion” will be of little use.

You must complete Masako’s story “The Thief”, the side quest “Children of the Rivers” and “Laughing Robbers”.

  • Amulet of Takemekazushi, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

After a character kills an enemy fighter, he can make the next attacks with increased damage for several seconds. Found in the Snow Peak Shrine in the Third Region of Tsushima.

  • Amulet of double destruction of the 2nd level, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

An improved version of “Level 1 Double Destruction Ward”, which increases the chance of double damage by 10%. These are already decent indicators, and the chance of inflicting such damage occurs more often. If worn with a large Charm of Fortune, the chances of double damage increase to 60%. And this suggests that enemy fighters will break like matches.

You can get this amulet by completing the eighth task of Masako “The Conspirator” or the side quest “The Last Request”.

  • Guardian of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

A character equipped with the Nigihayahi no Mikoto amulet can inflict increased damage. Provided that the character has full health. A good amulet if the player skillfully dodges enemy attacks and does not miss hits.

If the character is damaged, the bonus from the Nigihayahi no Mikoto ward is removed. That is, the character starts to do standard damage.

The Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto ward is located at the top of the Frosty Cliff sanctuary in the third region of Tsushima.

  • Guardian of Kagu-Tsuki, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

The Kagu-Tsuki Charm gives the character the ability to inflict increased damage if the character has about 50% of his health remaining. Suitable in battles with strong opponents or players who are not very good at dodging techniques.

The Kagu-Tsuki ward is located in the Plum Blossom Shrine in the first region of Tsushima.

  • Amaterasu amulet, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

After killing enemy fighters, you can restore the character’s health. This charm is suitable for all players. And it is the best among the available amulets that restore health to the main character during the battle.

This treasure “Amaterasu Ward” is located in the first region of Tsushima at the “Golden Peak Sanctuary”.

  • Ward of divine healing of the 1st level, in the game Ghost of Tsushima.

If the character has about 50% health left, then you can get increased healing by 15%. At the same time, it is not specified when the amulet operates, during or outside of combat. Awarded in the side quest “Healer’s Touch”.