Last Oasis small class walkers Firefly_ Boat_ Spider review and game tips

The Last Oasis game has several small class walker ships that are available to players at initial levels. Their primary tasks are to familiarize new nomads with vehicles and help them survive in the first place. With the help of small walkers, you can quickly move around the terrain and suffer less losses if the walker is destroyed.

About the description.

The construction cost is quite low compared to higher tier walkers. The durability of the small class of walkers is low, in battles with other clans and large creatures, they are not suitable. Can be used as scouts and starting vehicles, due to its small size. And enemies from a long distance most likely will not notice you.

Almost all small class walkers have pedals with the help of which the nomad sets the walker in motion. In this case, it can expend its endurance when accelerating, after the end of endurance the walker continues to move at normal speed.

This function of accelerating the walker can harm the nomad if, after accelerating, you need to engage in battle with the enemy. So endurance may be low and the combat process itself will be limited. And it may happen that the nomad will not have the opportunity to retreat and escape from the enemy. Therefore, it is better to use the acceleration of the walker to retreat or quickly move around the oasis.

To be able to move on new walkers, they must first be opened in the development tree. And purchase research for “tablets” or “fragments”. After that, you need to collect a certain amount of resources, if the required resources have not yet been collected. And start building the researched walker.

“Plates” can be created in special machines located in different parts of the oasis. Collect “Plates” from “Fragments”, which can be found in boxes and in the villages of “Rupu”.

 Types of small walkers.

  • Walker “Firefly” (Firefly Walker).

This walker is available to nomads at the first levels in the tech tree. For novice nomads, this is one of the best desert survival options. Since the first few machines can be placed on it, with which you can prepare water and the first necessities.

Walker “Firefly” nomads will have to build by stages of training. It will help you understand the game and understand the principles of using walkers. It is not worth holding back on what has been achieved, because in the small class there is a walker better than the “Firefly”, this is the “Boat” walker. Experienced nomads do not linger in their arsenal of the “Firefly” walker, as there are better analogues.

To investigate the “Firefly” walker you need 3 fragments. You can then build if you have enough resources. For construction, you need 117 units of wood, 101 units of fiber and 15 units of stone. After construction, the walker can hold 480 units of resources.

The strength of the Firefly walker is in two parts. The very body and legs of the walker. hull has 1,500 health and enhanced armor. And the legs of the walker have 530 health units, while the armor is light.

  • Walker “Boat” (Dinghy Walker).

It is in second place after the “Firefly” walker. It is also researched in the development tree and has more interesting features. You can get this type of walker as part of training, just like the “Firefly” walker. The researched “Boat” walker enables nomads to get energy from the walker using the “power generator” and “large water tank”.

The “energy generator” can be installed in the “Boat” walker and receive energy when the walker moves through the oasis. A “large water tank” allows you to navigate the global map between oases. Nevertheless, the tank has a limitation on the water supply and it will not be possible to move to the other end of the global map. You will have to choose the nearest oasis, fill up the resources and continue the journey.

Having reached the research of the “Boat” walker, it is better to stay and start pumping other important technologies for the nomad. For example, armor, weapons, tools. We’ll have to decide in which direction it is better to start going. We will have to fight with “Rupu”, since they are producing “Vine Rupu”. Therefore, pumping weapons is of great importance, including armor.

It does not make sense to pump the following types of walkers until the other first technologies for the nomad have been pumped. Therefore, it is recommended to stay on the “Boat” walker until researching other technologies that require “Fragments”. When technologies, tools, machines, weapons and armor begin to require “Tablets”, you can start saving “Fragments” and “Tablets” for a new walker.

Thus, you can increase the usefulness of using rare resources and speed up the development time in the game. And the “Boat” walker can provide nomads with the necessary support and assistance in moving through difficult territories.

Required resources.

The research tree for the “Boat” walker costs 10 fragments. After research, the construction will require 456 units of “wood”, 245 units of fiber, 100 units of stone, 10 units of Rupu Vine and 10 units of Wooden Support. To install the “Wings” you will need 25 wood and 18 cloth.

The “Boat” walker has increased durability and health.  hull has 13,500 HP and reinforced armor. The walker’s legs have hard armor and 3,500 HP.  wings have 1,500 HP.  hold has a reserve of 1,280 units of resources, which is the largest indicator among the small class walkers.

  • Walker “Spider” (Nomad Spider Walker).

Among the available small class walkers, the “Spider” walker is more suitable for small combat operations and reconnaissance. With it, you can search for boxes with fragments. Thanks to the ballista and special fire arrows, it becomes possible to open strong chests.

The Spider Walker has special features unlike most walkers. This is the ability to pedal function and the ability to climb mountains. When going uphill the “Spider” walker does not turn over. Other walkers move mostly on level ground and do not travel on large slopes. Since they can turn over.

Because of these features, the “Spider” shaker continues to be owned even by high-level nomads. They have “Commercial walkers” of the middle and large class. Used mainly for the first exploration of the oasis and the collection of resources in new oases. Research requires 20 fragments.

To construct the Spider Walker, you will need 120 wood, 112 fiber and 15 stone. After construction, the body of the “Spider” walker will have a safety factor of 1,500 units, and the legs of 900 HP. Can transport resources in the amount of 480 units.