Last Oasis walkers types and walker improvement guide

In Last Oasis, nomads have their own personal vehicles. Which are called “Hoduns or Walker” and are a kind of base and home for the nomads. Each walker has its own characteristics and characteristics. Hoduns are divided into several classes and can have different strategic uses. A nomad can have different walkers and use them for their intended purpose.

 About the use of walkers and their purpose:

Each nomad may have several different types of walkers. At the beginning of the game, when landing in the oasis, the nomad can choose the walker he needs. In this case, the walkers can be selected from the list of existing and built walkers at the time of the end of the previous game. If the oasis has not yet been explored, then it is better to choose the cheapest walker first.

  •  Fast travel across territories.

Such territories can be internal locations in oases or territories on the global map where you need to move between oases. Basically, these are not large light class walkers. Which have a low cost of the amount of materials and have a fast assembly speed.

For such purposes the Spider Walker is quite suitable. It is easy to assemble and does not require a lot of resources. And if it is improved and has a ballista, then it will help to cope with the opening of complex chests in the vastness of the oasis. The loss of such a walker will not be deplorable, since the cost in resources is not large.

  • Transportation and transportation of goods.

May be required when you need to leave the oasis and take all valuable resources with you. Such walkers may not have a large number of weapons. At the same time, some cargo walkers may not be mobile enough, in contrast to the light class.

For transportation of goods and resources, there are cargo compartments on the walkers. Depending on the class of the walker, the cargo compartments have a different number of spaces for boxes in which resources are stored.

An enemy character or nomad can open the cargo hold. Only if it damages the walker up to half the hit points. And with the help of “Fire Arrows” open the chests. At the moment, it is possible to steal resources from someone else’s walker only in this way.

  • Base transportation.

Hoduns can allow nomads to master a mobile base and move light machines over long distances. Thus, they will spend less time and become more mobile. Compared to the main non-movable ground bases. And the assembled machine can not be disassembled on the walker.

Some types of machines cannot be built on walkers. And they have to deploy a separate base on the ground. And if there is a need for relocation, this base has to be disassembled and resources stored in walkers. Thus, the walkers are the basis in the life of the nomads.

  • Military objectives.

Protection of objects or assault attacks on the enemy. These walkers can be used as transport ships, but due to the available slots for weapons, they are more often used for military purposes. And as a rule, they are the main walkers in clan wars.

  • Respawn points.

If a character died in battles, he can be reborn on his walker. Provided that there is water in the walker itself, at least 20 units. At this point, the character can automatically put on armor and arm. But for weapons, you need some kind of armor and weapons in the walker’s chests.

Walker tips.

Tips for beginners.

For beginners, for the first time, light class walkers or small walkers may be enough. At the initial stage, their capabilities will be enough to reach a higher level. And get out of the starting location, where the initial development of the nomads takes place. Better to have two different types of Walker “Spider” and “Boat Walker”.

The Spider Walker will allow the player to navigate the oasis and open difficult chests. It can be used to traverse mountainous terrain. Since it can climb steep slopes, unlike other walkers.

The “Boat Walker” is useful for the starting mobile base. An engineering machine for cooking food and water can be installed on it. And also has good storage slots, in contrast to the “Spider” walker. With the help of the “Boat Walker” you can leave the starting location and move to another, if you pump the water storage.

It is better to leave the starting location when you have reached the required level of development. At the same time, it is important to achieve the receipt of the first “Quality Resources”, so it will be easier to continue the game. And the characteristics of the walker depend on “Quality Resources”.

Tips for Experienced Players.

After leaving the first oasis, you need to try to develop the armor and weapons of the nomad. At the same time, do not forget about the development of new walkers, since it may be necessary to transport and store a large amount of cargo. And you also need to try to find some kind of clan, so development will be calmer and faster.

Cargo Walkers can be stored in dedicated garages when the game is logged out. Before that, you can fill the walker with resources and exit the game. And then return to the game and choose a cheaper walker to move around the territory and collect resources.

It is not very safe to store resources in main bases or in buildings. Since other nomads can attack the settlement and steal your resources and things. And for this you will have to leave the guards, and this can only be allowed by clans with a good number of players.

The construction of the base must begin with the calculation that this is a temporary residence. And you need to store resources. And to produce improved samples on specially built machines. For example, the “Windmill” machine, which produces “electricity”. That is, such structures that cannot be built on a walker.

After collecting and producing rare resources, it can be placed in a trading walker. And then exit the game, so you can save valuable resources and time to extract them. Including the transport walker itself, since such walkers are often hunted by enemy nomads. And the safest way to move is in the allied territory of your clan.

About improvements to walkers:

All Walkers in Last Oasis can be upgraded in several ways. Buying upgrades or levels for fragments and tablets in a special research tree. And also with the help of high-quality materials that directly affect the technical characteristics of the walker. The better the resources spent in assembling the walker, the better the walker itself.

At the moment, one walker can be upgraded to level 5 in the research tree menu. Depending on the quality of the materials, additional slots can be opened on the walker. Quality materials also have their own levels showing class and quality. For 10 levels, which are available in high-quality materials, 1 additional slot for modules opens.

  • Extending the walker capacity.

Allows you to add free space in the cargo hold for storing resources. You can install chests on unlocked ones, in which you can then put the necessary resources. Higher-level chests are more difficult to hack and steal other people’s resources from them.

  • Water storage extension.

This slot is very important for nomads, as it allows you to maintain health and opens up opportunities for moving around the territories. On the global map, walkers with a good supply of water can move long distances between oases.

  • Improvement of the armory.

Increases storage options for weapons such as weapons and armor. After the improvement, the nomad gets the opportunity to put on the necessary armor and weapons if he died in battle. If the revival of nomads takes place on a walker.

  • Increased walker armor.

You can increase the strength of the walker and its armor. This upgrade can give priority to battles against dangerous oasis dwellers and other nomads.

  • Maneuverability.

The upgrade allows walkers to accelerate from standstill faster and increases power. In this case, the maximum speed remains the same.

  • Improving the supply of energy.

After the upgrade, the walkers are able to transport and store the “Energy”, which is needed for the production of “Tablets” and the operation of some machines. The Walker can also be upgraded to produce Energy when in motion.

Tips for improving walkers.

One of the most important improvements to the walker is the water and cargo slots. Thanks to the improved water supply, nomads can travel long distances through the oasis through the desert. Without a supply of water, nomads may simply die.

Cargo bays will allow you to store resources, which is very important. Since the resources are located in different places and you need to get to their location. Consequently, nomads save time after collecting resources in one place. And they can assemble complex machines faster, which require a certain amount of resources.

The next important improvement that you want to make early on is Energy Storage. It will be required to obtain “Tablets”, which later allow you to research technologies in the development tree. All other improvements players can choose and improve at their discretion.