Last Oasis Buffalo Walker or Buffalo Walker Guide and Review

In Last Oasis, nomads have their own personal vehicles. Which are called “Hoduns or Walker” and are a kind of base and home for the nomads. Each walker has its own characteristics and characteristics. Hoduns are divided into several classes and can have different strategic uses. A nomad can own different walkers and use them for their intended purpose.

Each nomad can have several different types of walkers. At the beginning of the game, when landing in the oasis, the nomad can choose the walker he needs. In this case, the walkers can be selected from the list of existing and built walkers at the time of the end of the previous game. If the oasis has not yet been explored, then it is better to choose the cheapest and simplest walker at the beginning. Since with it you can quickly explore the surroundings of the oasis.

Thanks to walkers, nomads can quickly move across a large area and transport a huge amount of goods. This allows you to increase survivability in the vast territories of Last Oasis. It happens that when you move, you come across a not very fertile place and in this case you have to move to another place. With the Hodun at his disposal, the nomad can easily move to another oasis. At the same time, movement is impossible without a walker.

About the features of the “Buffalo” walker in the Last Oasis game.

Walker “Buffalo” is more suitable for long trips around the world of Last Oasis, as it can accommodate a decent amount of resources and good machines. In essence, it is like a mobile laboratory in which you can transport a lot of resources and perform processing. The walker can hold about 5100 kilograms of cargo and place about 200 units of buildings.

In a sense, the Buffalo walker is intended for clan players and use in clan ranks. Since the cost is quite decent, and the technology itself will cost 16 plates. In addition, the assembly can take a lot of time and resources. It is advisable to start building such a walker in fertile areas, where you can quickly collect the necessary resources in case of a shortage.

The complete construction of the Buffalo Walker requires 1993 wood, 73 units of wooden support, 9 units of rope, 44 units of rock wax, 1115 units of Fiber, 280 units of stone and 52 units of cloth. As you can see, you need a decent amount of resources. And to build quickly, you need the help of comrades or allies in the clan.

Walker “Buffalo” can improve the body and legs up to level 2, and choose one of three options for the wings. The strength of the hull is about 21,000 units, the wings are about 3,000 units, and the armor on the legs is 7,000 units.

Positive and negative sides of the Buffalo walker in Last Oasis.

On the “Buffalo” walker, you can solve many problems in terms of moving and colonizing a new oasis. And one of the positive aspects is its class, which corresponds to the hard class. And this allows you to make a real combat vehicle out of the walker and resist different opponents. In addition, while moving on such a huge walker, you can safely pass through forest areas, the trees will simply break under the walker.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the complexity of managing one nomad. The vehicle is too large and requires a full crew. Some nomads are busy managing the defense towers, and the other with the Buffalo walker. This way you can ensure better survival and give decent resistance. But if such a shaker is controlled by a nomad alone, then there is a high probability of defeat in the event of an attack.