Last Oasis all about Rupa their species and habitats

There are many different inhabitants in Last Oasis that can resist the nomads. And in a sense, complicate the life and the process of continuing the game, if you lose in battle. And if you win, you can get a good increase in development. Since the inhabitants of Last Oasis can be sources of rare resources.

One such representative is Rupu. They are similar to monkeys with a low level of intelligence, as they are able to collect resources and produce primitive weapons. They can live in settlements not in large flocks or separately in small groups. There are several types, with their own characteristics. Only about 7 types of “Rupu”.

Types of “Rupu”:

  • Marauder “Rupu” or “Rupu” scavenger. (Rupu Scavenger).

It is the simplest “Rupu” that ordinary ordinary “Nomads” can handle. These “Rupu” have a health reserve of 60 units and are armed with an ordinary wooden stick. Damage is minimal.

Almost do not appear in the settlements. Their frequent habitats are valleys and in different places on the map. Can be found in the singular without relatives. Therefore, you can win without wearing armor and armament with the same ordinary wooden stick.

  • Rupu the Forerunner. (Rupu Forerunner).

To cope with this type of “Rupu” is more difficult due to its armament and a larger health reserve of 65 units. Armed with a shock stick and lives in the settlements. Moreover, he, as it were, plays the role of a defender and is usually moved in pairs. Sometimes you can meet two of these species with one leader.

One on one “Nomads” can cope with a standard set of weapons and without armor. Since the health reserve of Rupu the Forerunner is not much higher than the ordinary Rupu. And in battles you just need to try to dodge the blows and fight one on one.

  • Rupu the hermit. (Rupu Hermit).

Nothing is said about the margin of safety of this type. But we assume that they have the same health as Rupu the Forerunner or a little higher, up to 80 units. Armed with a hammer and cause decent health damage. Able to kill the usual “Nomad” in a few strokes.

Attacking such “Rupa” is necessary in armor and with military weapons. Tools as weapons are not suitable, since they cause little damage and are designed to collect resources.

  • Rupu the Guard. (Rupu Sentinel).

The guard of Rupu is considered the middle class in the branch of the Rupu race. Since it has more health points than its predecessors and is 100 units. In this case, weapons can be compared with the “Forerunner’s Rupu” which also has a baton or shock stick. However, his attacks are slow and easier to evade.

You can meet moving in pairs or three fighters. Usually live in camps where other species of Rupu are found. Or in separate small settlements with one house “Rupu”.

It is better for new “Nomads” not to engage in battle with them if they have not gained experience in the possession of weapons and evasion techniques. Those who already have good experience in battle tactics can beat one on one “Guard Rupu” in standard equipment.

  • Rupu Hazraki. (Rupu Hazraki).

Hazraki Rupu are considered mini bosses and are leaders in Rupu settlements. In terms of class, you can assign it a middle class of complexity. Their health is at a good level and amounts to 180 units, and is armed with an ax. Often you can find in the settlements located a little further from the relatives. You can find out by the available mane of 3 strands of hair.

Mostly designed for experienced “Nomads” with normal armor “Forester’s Armor” or “Shell Armor”. And a good weapon “Short mallet.” It will be difficult for a beginner to cope with it. To simplify the victory over him, it is better to first shoot a ranged weapon from a walker. And only then join the battle, if this is possible.

  • Rupu Shaman. (Rupu Shamen).

The shaman Rupu is also considered the leader and mini boss in his settlement. From the previous species, they are accompanied by “Guardians of Rupu” of 2–3 fighters and it is not easy to defeat such a group. They live in large settlements “Rupu”, so where there is a “Totem”. The Shaman Rupu is armed with a large two-handed sword.

About the amount of health “Shaman Rupu” is not known, according to rough estimates about 150 – 180 units. Since he is also a leader and moves accompanied. And an approximate number was determined from the attacks.

Nomads need to be well equipped and wear good armor. Defeating the shaman will not be easy. In some cases, the work is simplified by a long two-handed weapon. But it’s not always possible to use it normally, since enemies quickly come close.

  • White death. (White Death).

This is one of the varieties of Rupu. Their main habitats are valleys and forests and often move alone. Sometimes you can meet in a small group. Its feature is fast moving speed and quick attacks. There are fewer health points than the leaders of Rupu, these are the Shaman Rupu and Hazraki Rupu.

To defeat such a beast without loss, the Nomads need to be on their Hodun transport. So you can shoot from a safe distance and in case of danger go to the “Walker”. With a hook. Restore health and engage in battle with him again.

And you can even shoot him from the “Hodun”, and when he approaches to change position. Then again start attacks from a distance.

  • Yellow Rupu. (Yellow Rupu).

Yellow Rupu is considered a rare species and located on special oases. Among their relatives, they can be called legends that have a large supply of health. The exact amount of health is not known. They can also do a decent amount of damage.

From “Yellow Rupu” you can get “Feathers” and “Pottery”.

To defeat this type of “Rupa”, “Nomads” need to be well armed and have strong armor. Then it will not be very difficult to deal with him alone.

About Rupu camps.

The key settlements of Rupu are also divided into classes of three types. With an increase in the level of Nomads, the real environment for matching hostility also increases. This is created so that players can find worthy opponents. And increasing gaming interest among players.

  • The first type of camps. Small camps “Cradles”.

They are in the very first oases from which the Nomads begin their game. These settlements are scattered on the first map, and in the settlements themselves you can meet the rank and file “Rupu”. Such as “Forerunner Rupu” and “Guardian Rupu”

For the initial game, “Nomads” may have difficulties, as their weapons are not good enough. After pumping and creating good weapons, “Nomads” it becomes easier to fight with “Rupu”.

  • The second type of camp. These are the middle camps of Rupu.

They are located on medium oases and have a medium type of difficulty. The camps themselves are fenced in a circle and they have a main entrance. At the entrance are the Guardians of Rupu, and inside the camps there are bosses. Bosses also vary depending on the type of camp.

In the camps where the Totem is located, the Shamans of Rupu are more often found. And without the Totems, you can meet the Khazraki Rupa. Resources in the Rupu settlements are gradually being restored and can be obtained repeatedly.

  • The third type of camp. They are called “Rupu” camps.

They are considered the most difficult, since they contain more of the strongest “Rupu”. And in one settlement there can be two Totems. They are located in complex oases. After winning, you can get more resources, including rare resources.

Nomads attack such settlements in a small group in the presence of the Hoduns. This way you can get more chances to win and save valuable time. And the “Rupu” can be lured into the allied “Hodun”, where partners can shoot from mounted guns.