Monster Hunter World Weapon Light Bowgun Guide and Game Review

This type of weapon “Light rifle” is more suitable for players who play in a team. This is a weapon of support. Alone, of course, you can play the same and defeat monsters. Sticking to medium range and dodging attacks.

About the features of weapons.

When using light weapons, the character does not lose mobility and is as quick as with a sword. You can dodge, make rolls. At the same time, the weapon allows you to shoot, and the shooting place is almost any, but the final range is limited.

Heavy small arms significantly reduce mobility and speed. Slowly the weapon gets and rolls and evasions are slowly done. These shortcomings are compensated by good damage and special shells.

The difficulty in using this weapon lies in reloading, it needs to be recharged at the right time. If you do not reload on time, you can get damage from the monster. And when firing special ammunition is used, some of them can set mines on the battlefield. And you need to learn how to properly switch the types of shells.

Ammunition can end right on the battlefield. And for this we made a special window where you can buy shells and replenish ammunition, and for this, resources will simply be used up.

About the positive points and tips for setting up weapons.

The weapon is good in that it can be applied with positive effects, which give an additional advantage in battle. You can enhance elemental effects or add accuracy and damage.

It would take a lot of time to configure the weapon, since there are a lot of elements that are difficult to figure out in the configuration. And also which module and for which projectile is more suitable. These modules affect the number of shells in the store, attack speed, reload speed of the store, recoil after a shot, and so on.

  • About recoil.

It is important to note that these modifications differ from these types of weapons. And you have to re-search for the necessary types of modifications and settings. Which in turn will significantly affect the gameplay.

One of the important points when choosing modifications is the level of return. The higher the recoil, the slower the shooting at the monster and less mobility. With a return of +3, the hero will bounce back after the shot, which may affect the comfort of the game. And at the same time, it will give another mechanics of warfare.

The optimal return performance in setting up this weapon is up to a +3 return. Since when recoiling +4, the hero jumps several steps after the shot and stops for a while.

  • About reload speed.

“Automatic charging store.”

In some versions there is an automatic recharge. In this case, after the shot, an animation appears with a reload of weapons.  the rate of fire is normal if the store has one shell per shot. And if the monster at this moment manages to make an attack, then you will have to reload the weapon manually.

Suitable “Automatic Charging” for weapons and modifications where in the store from 1 to 2 shells. Even though such loading the store allows you to move around the battlefield with low speed.

“Fast and regular reloading the store.” Allows you to reload weapons on the go and almost no mobility is lost from this.

“Very slow reload.” After the ammunition is fully discharged, the character stops and sits on one knee to reload the weapon. This is very inconvenient and in some cases dangerous, since there is no way to dodge monster attacks. May be suitable for weapons with a large magazine.

About special enhancements to weapon modifications.

In the standard form for weapons, there is one slot for additional amplifications, which can be obtained from the Forge. And in the future, these slots are increased to 5 pieces for heavy weapons.

You can select and install modifications for free, and later on you can simply replace them with another modification.

Of the modifications, you can install the recoil absorber, reload mechanism, deflection absorber, melee attack enhancement, ranged attack enhancement, shield, special sight, reload in evasion, altered wyvern’s heart, altered wyvern’s accuracy, altered wyvern’s explosion, reinforced barrel, long barrel.

“Modified Wyvern Blast.”

used by light weapons and you can set mines on the battlefield or throw grenades. In this case, only 3 units of mines are available. After detonation, mines recover gradually over time. A mine can explode not only from contact with a monster, but also from a direct hit by your shot.

The best use of mines on the battlefield. When the monster is in a knockout, you need to lay mines to his head, and then shoot at them. In this way, maximum damage can be inflicted.

“Changed Wyvern Accuracy” and “Wyvern Accuracy”.

Mounted on heavy weapons. And unlike light weapons, where a special attack takes almost no time. Heavy weapons require additional time to launch a special attack.

For example, when fired, the weapon is first loaded with a special projectile, and then a shot is fired. Which inflicts very great damage flying through a monster and explodes somewhere on the half way inside it.

“Changed Wyvern Heart” and “Wyvern Heart”.

This is a machine gun, thanks to which a lot of damage is done in a short period of time. And in the case of the “Changed Wyvern Heart”, the machine gun is simply improving.

This type of weapon may be more suitable for players who love ranged weapons. And they do not want to lose mobility and movement. And in addition, the weapon gives them several types of ammunition and the installation of a minefield.

It may also be suitable for players playing in a team where a shooting character can play a good role as support. Able to support comrades and cover them.

About the combat process.

To understand the ranged weapons, you need to go into the training room. And roughly measure the firing distance. The fact is that if you are at a great distance from the attack they will pass without any damage at all, since the shells simply will not reach the target.

If you stay close to the monster, then normal damage will occur. And the attacks do not count. At the same time, close range can give double damage, but for this you need to be a few steps from the target. And have the appropriate shells.

When playing with long-range weapons, you need to combine and change the types of shells that can give positive effects when used correctly.

About shells for weapons.

“Ordinary shells.”

They are standard weapons at medium range. But for more damage, monsters are not recommended to use them.

“Shells with scatter.”

These are shells that resemble a shot from a shotgun. When a monster gets a lot of shells in one shot. The damage of this type of shells is at a decent level, but you need to have a close distance with the monster. A stock of shells is enough to use them regularly.

Fire Shells, Ice Shells, Lightning Shells, Water Shells and Electric Shells.

Needed to cause increased damage to certain types of monsters. When hit, the shells inflict a penetrating effect and cause additional damage with their effect.

“Dragon shells.”

Slowly flying and not a large firing range, but if the monster is immobilized, it can cause decent damage. And in stock is not a large ammunition. Using such shells is better for inflicting additional damage when the monster is stunned and immobilized.

 Penetrating Shells.

Mainly used to break through the armor of a monster. They are quite effective at medium distances for some type of monsters. And there is enough stock to use regularly.

“Sticky shells.”

They are needed for fixing with the surface of the monster with its further stop. When hit, they stick and eventually detonate. in fact, they show on the good side, since they cause decent damage.

“Cutting Shells”.

Something reminiscent of “Sticky shells”, as they are also fixed on the surface of the monster and eventually detonate. In addition, they do cutting damage and do more damage. If you use them, then you need to shoot at the monster’s weak spots. Otherwise, they are not recommended.

“Shrapnel shells.”

In order to make a shot, you need to take a position and lose time on aiming. In this case, the sight has a different look, reminiscent of a barrel grenade launcher. After a shot, shells fly from top to bottom and, when hit, explode for several additional explosions. And the distance for the shot is average.

The speed of the shells is slow, so this type of shells is more suitable for an immobilized monster. Ammunition is not very large and you have to shoot strictly for its intended purpose.

“Shells of fatigue”, “Paralyzing shells”, “Poisoned shells”, “Sleeping pills.”

When hit, they deal normal small damage and an additional effect. Thanks to which the character has control systems over the monster. You need to use it if you need to slow down the monster, which would then cause damage to other shells.

“Demonic shells”, “Protective shells”, “Restoring shells”.

Need to receive additional bonuses to allies. But when firing from a gun is extremely ineffective. Other weapons do better with these goals.

About the result.

The player will have to adjust the weapon to his type of game. And maybe they can make a mistake with universal setup. If you do not go deep into the details, then it is better to immediately choose a weapon from the ready-made.

In the design, you will have to take into account many parameters, where the character will need to be made mobile and with a normal magazine for shells. In some cases, you have to sacrifice something. And this can significantly affect the passage and the conduct of the battle with the monster.