Monster Hunter World Weapon Flip Ax Guide and Game Review

The game has several melee weapons and each has its own advantages. And the subtleties of the game. Some of them allow you to have good mobility and attack speed. And for others, mobility is in last place, but they allow you to deliver decent one-off attacks.

About energy.

“Flip ax” as well as other weapons has a scale of accumulated energy. He has three types of them: “Accumulated energy”, “Aura of the energy of the sword” and “Aura of the energy of the ax”. When filling, you can spend on amplification and special attacks. Which will significantly increase the damage of an already strong attack.

The accumulated “Aura of Sword Energy” gives additional damage depending on the selected “Flask”. In total there are 6 types of “Flasks” that are tied to certain weapons. And the “Flask of Energy” is considered the most effective.

“Ax Energy Aura” gives reinforced attacks on monsters, which does not add damage. But it allows you to penetrate armor well and immobilize monsters leading them to knockout.

About the flaws.

Among the shortcomings, poor mobility and attack speed can be noted. The character does not move very quickly across the battlefield, and a roll can be used as a defensive feature. One-off attacks are slow and the character cannot make jumping attacks, as well as just jumping.

Taking this weapon after more mobile weapons significantly discomfort the game. Which you need to get used to and learn new attacks. As well as measuredly press and activate combinations, everything should be calm and on time.

About the features of weapons.

This weapon has a unique mechanics with transformation, where the character can get the opportunity to deal damage with a sword. In standard attacks, of course, an ax works, and the sword is a special attacking feature.

You can activate the “Sword” without a full scale of energy weapons. But, in this case, the speed of attack and movement will be even less than with the “Ax”. So it is advisable to use the “Sword” as needed and for using the “Energy Scale”. If you apply ordinary attacks with the “Sword”, then you can fill in the “Aura of Energy”.

In another case, when the monster is in close proximity. And rolls are not necessary. For example, when you are under the monster himself, and his attacks are carried out in the opposite direction.

If the monster runs at you, then you need to hold the “Ax” in your hands and make a roll at the right time. In this case, holding a “sword” is dangerous, since damage can be received, and it is better to replace it with an “Ax”.

About combat attacks.

Since the weapon has the ability to transform, there are two combat modes with their own attacks.

Ax Mode

One of the weakest attacks is Forward Strike and Side Impact. They inflict such attacks at a distance not high from the ground, which is sometimes not very convenient. Since monsters in most cases are higher than the character. But, if compared with the usual attacks of other guns, then this is quite decent damage.

In most cases, “Rising strike” and “Cutting strike from above” are used. Since the attacks are applied vertically and can touch the head of the monster. In addition, the damage does a little more.

In defensive and attacking attacks, you can turn on Disappearing Blow. After its execution, the character damages the monster and rolls back at a small distance from the monster. It does good damage.

One of Ax’s strong attacks is Frantic Strike, which deals increasing damage. But, endurance is spent, because of this it is more difficult to get out of a critical situation. Best suited for attacking an immobilized monster when it is lying on the ground.

In the Sword mode.

Cutting Blow and Rising Blows do decent attacks and damage to the monster. But, “Weapon Energy” is being spent.

Double Cutter and Heavenly Flurry do even more damage. They also spend “Energy of the Sword” and the last attack is a bit slow. Because of what it is better to attack the immobilized enemy.

Elemental Discharge. This is a pretty good attack if the monster stands still. Since its use for a while makes the character linger in one place.

About the combat process.

Thanks to the Flip Ax weapon, players have a choice in game style and the ability to change weapons. Of course, it all depends on the player’s experience. If the player is new, it is better to use only the “Ax”. Since you do not need to memorize unnecessary combinations of attacks and pay attention to switching the weapon mode.

If the player is a veteran and has gone through quite a few fights, then the weapon will open up new emotions and impressions for him. Since in the case of the “Ax” you can make good attacks and have normal mobility. Then in terms of the “Sword” will have to decide in favor of damage and sacrifice mobility.

At the beginning of the battle, you will have to attack with the “Ax” until the “Energy of weapons” scale is filled and, if possible, put the monster on the ground. After that, you can safely discharge the scale of “Energy weapons” using the “Sword”. So you can achieve maximum damage and use the stored energy to good use.

You can also attack with the “Sword” in order to charge the “Aura weapon energy”. And for this it is better to use “Cutting punches”, as these attacks do not spend “Stamina”.