Monster Hunter World Weapon Spear Cannon Guide and Review of the Game

In the game Monster Hunter World Iceborne there are several types of weapons and each of them has its own combat mechanics. As well as the application strategy. Starting the game for the first time, it’s not easy to immediately understand the controls and understand the advantages of weapons. In addition, there are different types of monsters with their strengths and weaknesses.

The weapon “Spear-gun” is more suitable for professionals who have good experience in the game. Since the weapon has many attacking combinations that are produced after certain actions are done. But the combinations themselves are typed into different buttons and have their own meaning in a monster attack.

About the features of weapons.

In this article we will talk about the weapon “Spear Cannon”, which combines the two functions of an attacking weapon. One type is dealing close range damage like a regular spear. And the second type is the ability to inflict damage to a monster from a distance, like a ranged weapon. Only the ranged distance is approximately the middle and close range.

The attack function from a distance has a unique attack, since they can ignore the monster’s armor. Therefore, deal standard damage from a level that is very decent. In this case, the damage passes without precise aiming at the monster.

The weapon “Spear-gun” has a “Shield”, which can be called one of the best. The protective functions of the Shield allow you to avoid attacks from monsters. And this is his only strength. But using the “Shield” as a weapon will not work, since it has only protective functions.

The disadvantages of weapons are the worst mobility. A character with a weapon in his hands moves slowly and slowly dodges. To increase mobility, you have to remove the weapons and start moving. And when a monster is approaching or you need to start attacks, you need to get the weapon again. This creates not much discomfort.

If necessary, the number of shells can be increased by one unit.

Types of remote attacks.

The weapon “Spear-gun” has several types of remote attacks that affect the battle process. And also have their own characteristics. In this case, the attack damage is indicated by the level, the higher the level, the greater the damage.

  • The usual type of attack.

The usual type of attack allows a weapon to load 5 shells. A character can attack in bursts. In this case, the distance of the long-range attack is predominantly close.

It is considered the most difficult type of weapon, as it has a large set of attacks. More suitable for professionals. And the attacks themselves are slow and may not seem comfortable for the player.

Long type of attack.

There are three shells in the store. And yet a little slow and designed to cause damage from a medium distance. If the character is two steps away from the monster and shoot from these weapons, the damage will also pass. A long type of attack gives priority to the distance of the attack distance and the strength of the damage.

Of the available types of weapons is the easiest to handle. Since you can just make single shots while being at an average distance. And almost all attacks will cause guaranteed damage if they fall. You can miss if you shoot in the other direction.

  • Wide type of attack.

A wide type of weapon has two shells with a good rate of fire. But they do damage by a fraction along a small radius. Something like a shotgun.

Special remote attacks.

  • Dragon cannon.

This is such a projectile, which is released in the head of a monster and inflict cutting damage. After some time, the projectile launched explodes. However, there are a number of disadvantages due to which the use of this attack becomes meaningless.

Such disadvantages are the duration of the attack with a small distance and low damage. Since this attack is carried out at close range and has a long preparation time, the monster can manage to inflict damage to the character.

  • Dragon Blast.

This attack attaches a mine to the body of the monster, which enhances the explosive damage dealt to the monster. To use this ability, you need to spend all loaded shells.

The disadvantages of this ability are the same as Dragon Dragon. It takes time to prepare, close range and accuracy of hitting a projectile. If the shell does not hit the monster, then it will fall to the ground and it will have to be picked up and charged first.

  • Flames of Vivera.

This is perhaps one of the most powerful attacks that can be inflicted while at a distance. Preparation for the shot takes longer, and after the shot the character is thrown back and it takes time to continue the attacks. And for re-use, it may take some time.

Using the Vivera Flame attack is better on a sleeping monster or an immobilized one. So you can be sure that the attack will be successful. And the monster will not be able to inflict damage on the character at the time of preparation for the shot.

Combined attacks of near and long range.

Close range.

  • Lunge handle up

This combined attack is designed to reduce the distance from the monster. Due to low mobility, it makes sense to use it frequently. Despite the fact that the damage is not great. At the same time, attack speed is common for most weapons.

After activating the combination “Lunge with the handle up”, you can continue the set of attacks, which goes into the “Lateral attack.” Which are also produced quickly.

Or continue with the “Top Strike” attack, which deals fire damage. It is the final attack in combination. After it, you can first gain attacks or produce other types of attacks.

  • Rising blow.

The character deals damage to a monster at close range. Which deals slightly more damage than “Lunge with the hilt up.” Continuing attacks are a bit slow. Nevertheless, it is the most optimal combination of weapons “Spear-gun.”

Since the attack allows the continuation of the combination to “Broad scope”. Which in melee strikes with a small horizontal radius. An attack can inflict about 100 damage to a monster.

Or continue the combination of attacks until the “Fire bursts”. In this case, the character can inflict damage on the monster, if he goes a short distance. The attack itself deals damage with a shot like a shotgun, dealing decent damage when fully hit. After the shot, you can charge the gun “Quick reload”.

Remote attacks.

  • Attack – a shot.

Allows the character to attack a monster at a distance of several steps. Attacks are quick and require shells in the musket. You can continue this attack with the Dragon Cannon or Dragon Blast. Attacks will come from what shells are loaded in the gun.

  • Charged attack – a shot.

Inflicts damage to a monster at a distance. Before the shot, preparation takes place, which takes some time. The damage caused by this attack is not large, so using it is not always reasonable.

  • Dragon Blast or Pile of Wyvern Blast.

To use the Dragon Blast, you must first reload the weapon. Using the Dragon Blast Charge. This function plays two roles, charges weapons and allows you to block enemy attacks. The character pushes the Shield forward and reloads the weapon.

You can hit the Dragon Blast with the combination of a Pile of Wyvern Blast. After that, a special mine is attached to the monster, reinforcing attacks on the monster. And it’s quite important to do the damage “Attack – Shot”.

The process of playing weapons with a spear-gun.

Starting an attack on a sleeping monster is better with Wyvern Flame. So you can immediately do a good amount of damage. And then continue to deliver standard melee attacks if the monster is nearby.

It is better to use Dragon Blast the same way on an immobilized monster or when it is standing still. So you can increase the chances of a hit and avoid additional unnecessary actions. For example, a projectile released may fall to the ground if it does not hit a monster. And you have to pick up the fallen shell, and then reload.

The strategy and tactics of the battle may depend on the choice of the type of gun. In this case, the player needs to see for himself and choose the most suitable weapon for himself. Which will have to spend a little time to decide.