Monster Hunter World Weapon Long Bastard Sword. (Long Sword) Guide and game tips

Due to the length, this sword can be used at small distances. Able to deliver decent blows and attacks. For its size, this sword allows you to deliver quick attacks and combine good combinations in combination with speed.

In addition, the sword does not deprive mobility and allows you to move and jump even during a set of combinations. In the future, the sword improves and allows you to do even more damage. And there is also the opportunity to get a trophy after defeating a monster. From a trophy you can make good weapons and armor.

A long sword is considered a heavy weapon and does not give penalties for mobility and movement. For these reasons, it can be suitable for beginners and give a lot of pleasure from the game.

About the features of weapons.

“The energy of the spirit of weapons.”

This weapon has a special scale of accumulation of “energy”, which shows the level of enhanced attacks. And ultimately it can cause quite decent damage. But, you need to monitor the level of accumulation and inflict attacks on the monster in special places.

If, after conducting combined attacks, the energy scale is full. And you did not have time to spend it on time, then it will gradually decrease. Therefore, you need to spend it on time and as directed.

Weapons have three types of spirit, which can be filled by applying special “Round attacks. On a monster. With each successful hit, the level of the scale changes color and attacks become stronger. The third level of the spirit scale gives +20% damage.

The weapon has protective features in the form of “Parry”. If the monster attacks, you can take such an action and this will avoid taking damage. But you can only use it after carrying out your attack, and this complicates the process of using this ability a little.

The strongest attack on Bastard weapons is the Spiritual Skullcrusher. The character attacks from the ground, and then bounces into the air. Sweeping in the air with a sword and attacking a monster. In order to make such an attack, you must first make a “Laughter”.

About the flaws.

Weapons are not designed for single attacks. And in most cases, the first few attacks do not do much damage. At the same time, to inflict more substantial damage, you need to make a series of incoming attacks on the monster. And this is not always possible to do in full.

About the battle process.

As mentioned above, the first attacks practically do not cause damage or are not very effective. Therefore, the standard action is to set the energy scale and fill it. To do this, the first few combined attacks are made. But this set of energy is spent on fasting during a further attack, which is already enhanced by bonuses.

You can quickly fill the scale of “weapon energy” to the maximum, and then make accurate strikes in weak spots. Thus, you can immobilize the monster and with combined attacks fill the used energy.

When the monster is immobilized, it is necessary to turn off the attack “Spiritual Crusher of skulls”. The best thing is if the energy scale is full and the third level of the “Spirit of the energy scale” is reached. In this case, a high probability of critical hits.

About the result.

The weapon is quite interesting and may well be suitable for a beginner. And the set of combined attacks itself is very affordable and simple. At the same time, there are no fines in mobility and it is easy to dodge enemy attacks.

An exception to the difficulty is the special “Weapon Spirit Scale”. She certainly gives a good priority, but in skilled and experienced hands. Since if combined attacks are carried out with misses, filling this scale will be slower. As a result, the attacks themselves will be without additional enhancements.

The main thing to remember is the set of attacks that fill the “spirit scale” and attacks that spend the “spirit scale”. Those attacks that spend a full scale, it is better to carry out when the monster is immobilized. And then you can attack with maximum damage.

If you take into account these tips, which are given above, then you can get great pleasure from the Bastard weapons. In addition, it allows you to fully concentrate on the combat process.