Northgard Clan of the Boar (Slydrugtanni) review and tips on the game Guide

In the Northgard game, the Boar Clan and its people are considered as hermits with their traditions and values. Their main habitat is forests, impenetrable forest areas. However, despite the danger that lives in the forests, they managed to find ways to survive. Mighty animals guard their territories on which they live, whom they worship, care for and value.

Clan bonuses at the “Boar Clan”:

  • Unique clan worker “Shaman”, you can build a “Shaman’s hut” for the place of “Healer’s huts”. “Shamans” in their spare time from treatment produce “Tradition” points by + 1 unit.

Thanks to this bonus, the “Boar Clan” can easily win in the conditions of victory for knowledge.

“Shaman’s hut” can increase productivity by + 5% where built, if improved.

  • Increases population.

For each new territory, 2 free places for Poselyan become available.

This improvement gives priority to saving the construction of houses. Thus, the territory saves space for the construction of a building, as well as resources from the construction of the “House”.

It is important to note that for the construction of the “House” you need not only the “Tree”, but also the resources of the “Gold”. And since the development of “Gold” may not be required soon, you can concentrate on improving the production of “Food”. And for the place of “Mariners”, who are usually hired to produce “Gold” and “Tradition”, you can hire “Shamans”.

  • Buildings “House” and “Town Hall” do not reduce the level of “Happiness”.

Penalties for the Boar Clan.

  • It is not possible to have trade relations with enemy clans.

Given this point, you need to appreciate neutral tribes and, if possible, try to protect them. If neutral tribes destroy the enemy clans, then you can be left without an additional source of income “Gold”.

Bonuses of “Glory” for “Clan of the Boar”.

  • Legacy. (To open, you need 200 points of “Glory”).

After reaching the clan gets a +1 point of knowledge. But this knowledge does not count towards victory.

  • Grace of the gods. (You need 500 points of “Glory”).

The gods worshiped by the Boar Clan people begin to give bonuses. God “Freya” reduces the effects of a blizzard by 50%. God Baldir gives +5 units to Happiness. “Yord” God blesses the “Governor” increasing his attack by + 10%, and the “Defense Tower” improves by 10% to attack.

Clan “Relic” “Clan of the Boar”.

It’s called the Gullinbrusty Mask, which can be explored in the Forge.

After construction, shows all available forests on the map. You can call for help “Boar of the Giant”, which will begin to protect forests. Moreover, for one call, you can hire as many units of the “Boar of the Giant” as many forests on the map. That is, send “Boar of the Giant” to each available forest on the map. But he cannot go beyond the territory of the Forest.

In our case, one call was made for the entire time of the game. The summoned “Boar of Giants” remained in place of the called territory until they were killed.

If the “Boar the Giant” appears on the union land, then he will be the guard of these lands for the whole term of his life. During an attack on the Allied lands, he enters the battle and chases away the enemies. And if his military assistance is not interesting, then from it you can get resources of 500 units of “Food”.

If the Boar Giant is on the enemy’s territory of the clan, it will begin to attack everyone who is on the territory of the Forest. At the same time, you do not need to manage it, he does everything on his own. But if you yourself want to get the neutral territory on which the “Boar Giant” is located, then he will begin to attack your army too.

“Boar the Giant” is a powerful animal that can heal and restore its health right during the battle. Which makes him a very dangerous and difficult adversary. It is possible to drive him out of the territory of the Forest only with a large army and with clan heroes.

Clan Traditions.

  • Simple life.

Reduces wood consumption for construction – 50%.

  • Terrain.

The study reduces hostility in the surrounding area by 70%. And it increases the production of resources by + 10% in the swamp, forests and territories where there is fish.

  • Herbalism.

“Shamans” give + 5% to production in the territories where the “Shaman’s House” is built and + 10% to production of “Tradition”. At the same time, production itself at + 5% increases from one “Shaman” and sums up if there are not many “Shamans”.

Increases the healing rate of the wounded population by “Shamans” by + 20%.

  • Exchange.

After the study, trade routes open up with neutral nations on the Trade Route. At the same time, neutral peoples begin to accept any resources, and from trade with them, “Happiness” increases by +1 unit.

As a result, there is no shortage of Gold and no shortage of resource production.

  • Manual labor.

Buildings that are not improved bring +15% more production.

  • Osmosis.

Happiness rises for colonized territories. Over 3 territories, Happiness increases by + 1 Unit. And if there are territories with forests and swamps, then “Happiness” increases by another +1 unit.

  • Legacy.

Increases Happiness by + 50%. And it increases the production of the building “Altar Konugov” also by + 50%.

Clan hero “Clan of the Boar”.

The clan hero is considered the Voivode, who can be hired at the Training Camp. By its characteristics, it practically does not differ in any way from the “Governor” of other clans. And in the “Giving” there are no military clan special improvements, everything is standard.

The Voivode has 75 health and 10 defense. Attack and damage is 15 units.

If we improve all possible research for the hero, then his attack will be 24 units, and the defense will be 16 units. But other clans that have Voivods can explore similar improvements.

Conclusion on the “Boar Clan”.

The “Boar Clan” in the army has practically no advantages whatsoever, everything is standard. In Giving, you can explore the Combat Strategy, which gives + 5% attack. And explore the tools in the Forge, increasing the attack by + 30% with the Ax Throwers. And of course, improve the Ax Thrower Camp building, which will increase the attack by + 5%. As a result, “Ax Throwers” will be able to attack the enemy by 18 units per hit.

But there is no big trick. With the help of the clan “Relics”, you can summon the “Boar of the Giant” to enemy territories, if they have territory with the “Forest”. Wait until the enemy hero and his army go to deal with our boar. Enter the army and the Voivode from the other side. But in our case, such a plan could be created only once. Since the enemy clan managed to defend its territory and kill the “Boar of the Giant”.

Thus, you can crank out a maneuver in which the enemy army will be busy with another matter. At the same time, the passage time for invading the enemy territory will be reduced and it will be easier to recapture the weakened territory from the enemy clan.

With the development of the “Boar Clan” great difficulties do not arise. And in terms of population growth, the clan is quite competitive. Less have to be distracted by the construction of the “Houses” and their improvements. Easily located free places for the “Villagers” there are no special problems with the “Happiness”.

It is possible to get by with the construction of the Brewery, which produces Happiness. And in the place where another clan would build a “Brewery”, you can build some other building. For example, “Market” or “Trading post.”

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