Last Oasis tips on extracting quality resources and creating quality materials

At the first levels, it is better not to pay attention to the quality of resources, things, tools, and so on. Since the level of the character himself is the first, and therefore the levels of resources will also be the first. About good quality resources you need to pay attention closer to level 5. And in the beginning to assemble just the “Normal machine” of the first level.

And before reaching the player’s normal level, you need to collect high-quality resources with ordinary tools. Thus, you will have the resources of “Normal quality”, which will allow you to collect the “Normal tool”. Using the “Ordinary Tool” you need to collect “Quality Resources” in order to be able to assemble the “Quality Machine” in the future. After which the manufactured items will be more reliable.

About resource levels.

Let’s say your level is 7, so you need to look for resources with a quality score of 7+. In this case, you can become the owner of quality resources. Or it happens that the level is high, and the quality indicators are below your level. In this case, you need to look for resources with equal numbers of the quality indicator, the left side should correspond to the right side.

For example, 7 + / 7 + or 7/7, in the first example, this quality corresponds to the level. And the second example is just a quality resource. Such indicators mean a quality resource when both numbers coincide. If you collect such resources with the “Ordinary Tool”, you can get “Quality Resources” level 1.

If you meet resources with a quality score of 6/15. Where the left digit is 6, indicates that the resource has not yet matured, and 15 is its maximum quality indicator. More precisely, the figure 6 is the resources of “Normal quality”. This means that he needs time for full maturity and is not yet ready for collection.

All resources of the same type, but of different quality levels can be combined with each other. It should be borne in mind that this will change the quality of the resulting resources after the merger. Suppose you have high quality resources and their quantity is higher than low quality resources, then when combined, the quality level of “quality resources” decreases. And the amount of combined resources is added up.

About a quality tool.

It is important to note that it’s better to obtain quality resources with the “Quality Tool”. The better the resources, the better the manufactured product. A quality item will last longer and have more strength points. But in the beginning, you still have to extract resources of ordinary quality of the first level, up to the first “quality tool”.

In order to make it possible to manufacture a “Quality Tool”, you must first collect resources of ordinary quality and make a “Quality Machine” of the existing level. For its construction, you must first find the “Quality Vine Rupu” and then it will be possible to build a “Quality Vine”, even if other resources are of the first quality.

In order to get the “Quality Vine Rupu”, it must be collected with the tool “Spit” level 4 or “Simple sickle” level 2. It rarely falls out, so you have to sweat or be lucky and collect it in a short period of time.

When all the necessary resources for the “Quality Machine” of the first level are collected. It needs to be built and produced the first “Wooden support” 1 quality. After that, you need to immediately start collecting resources for the “Quality Tool” level 1, and then produce it.

In the future, the development procedure is similar, only it will be necessary to study the technology in the development tree and, if necessary, produce other machines. To improve technology, you will need “Fragments”, which then turn into a “Tablet”.

About important points when collecting quality resources

  1. So you have the first Level 1 Quality Tool.

So it’s time to start collecting the same “Quality Resources” that you collected earlier. But now the collected resources will depend on several parameters, the higher the level of the tool the better.

The first parameter is the level of the “Quality Tool”. Which affects the possibility of production and the amount of extracted “Quality Resource”. The Quality Tool has a collection level that limits resource extraction. Resources are of high quality, but they may be less in quantity from one gathering place. And each increased level of “Quality Tool” gives 10 units to a possible collection.

The second parameter is the “Quality of Resources” level. It can not be higher than the level of your character. This means that the actual amount of resources will also not be large, therefore, you will have to spend more time collecting the necessary resources. The higher the level of the character, the higher the need for resources, the higher the technology and capabilities.

  1. A quick way to search for “Quality Resources”.

In order to speed up a quick search and not personally approach each resource with the goals of knowing its quality. You need to build a “Telescope”, then you can install it in an elevated place and use it to look for resources at a distance. At the same time, it will show the level of the resources you need. And this will significantly reduce the production time of “Quality Resources”.

  1. Hidden chip when creating a “Quality vine rupu.”

Since the “Quality vine” is a rare type of resource and basically “ordinary vine” falls out. A way was found to get around this problem and get a “Quality vine” in a non-standard way.

To do this, you need to collect “Quality tree”, “Quality fiber” and “Ordinary vine rupu” to build a machine. In our case, it was the “Joiner”. We build the “Joiner’s machine”, and then we disassemble it.

At the output, we get less quality and quantity of “Quality wood” and “Quality fiber”, but it turns out “Quality vine rupu” of the same quality level as other resources after the analysis of “Joiner’s machine”. Given that “Quality vine rupu” is a rare resource, the way out is very good.

  1. The processing of resources in the “Quality Machine”.

Quality Machines can create Quality Resources from Common Resources. For example, on the “Loom” you can get “High-quality fibers” from the “Normal skin of the mouth.” And in the future, thanks to “Quality machines” you can create good equipment for your character.