The Ascent is a cyber punk action RPG

The Ascent is a game of cyberpunk time in the Eken RPG genre, where corporations rule the metropolis. The game is being developed by Neon Giant, which plans to release games in 2020. At the same time, they promise two modes of passage alone and in a cooperative with friends.

About the plot.

The game takes place in a metropolis where giant corporations compete among themselves. On which the prosperity of the metropolis and its citizens depends. For some reason, one of the corporations of The Ascent Group went bankrupt and closed, leaving a large number of citizens on the street.

And our hero was among these people who worked for the prosperity of their corporation and city. Left without work, many citizens switched to the criminal side, and the automatic security system failed and because of this, riots and system failures began. At the same time, other competing companies that have remained afloat are trying to take part of the property from the former company The Ascent Group.

Our protagonist who worked for The Ascent Group Corporation and, without work, decided to find out why his company was ruined. But his investigation does not work out peacefully, and dangerous opponents with steep cannons come across on the way.

About the game process.

The game is made in the genre of Action RPG with a top view. Our character will have to confront modern technology and accordingly equip himself. It will be possible to arm themselves with modern weapons, both attacking and defensive.

Cyber ​​implants will help make the character’s characteristics stronger and better. Defensive abilities will help activate shields and avoid enemy attacks. And to defeat enemy fighters, you need to take into account their strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, choose a more suitable weapon for causing maximum damage.