Monster Hunter World Weapon Power Blade (Switch Ax) Guide and Game Review

In the game Monster Hunter World Iceborne there are several types of weapons and each of them has its own combat mechanics. As well as the application strategy. Starting the game for the first time, it’s not easy to immediately understand the controls and understand the advantages, in addition, there are different types of monsters with their strengths and weaknesses.

About the description of weapons.

By its characteristics, it is almost the same sword. Only made in a somewhat interesting form, it has two features. It can be a sword and an ax, and there is also a shield. But, in the game, this is probably one of the most difficult weapons.

If you attack a monster with an ax, then you can get an advantage in the radius of attack and the monsters will be at a small distance. That will allow you to choose a specific set of actions.

If you install a sword, then the hero will be able to inflict maximum attacks and damage. And this is important enough to be able to quickly defeat the monster.

During the battle, you can choose these weapons options that you need to use correctly. At the same time, they have their own set of combinations and can affect the game process. And the deployment and transformation of weapons takes some time.

This weapon in the form of an “Ax” has fines for mobility and you will have to use schemes with evasion that will not receive damage from monsters. But you can get a good weapon with decent damage.

Brief criticism about the Power Blade weapon.

In practice, this weapon is more suitable for veterans, since when replaced by a sword, the speed of movement is lost. This means that the complexity of delivering quality attacks increases. You have to measure the distance approximately and change the type of weapon in time.

In addition, the weapon has a lot of parameters that affect the game process. You need to be able to play from the sword and from the shield. Moreover, if you often use a weapon, then it can overheat and become ineffective.

And for this you need to constantly pay attention to the upper right corner of the screen, where the “Flasks” are located. Which need to be filled and removed overheating weapons. If you do not get used to it and understand the level of energy filling by blows, then this moment can distract from the battle with the monster. Because of what there is rice take damage.

And the ax is a little slow to use in conjunction with mobility. In addition, it takes time to deploy it, which can affect security. And if you make such an attack at the wrong time, you can take damage from the monster.

If you learn how to deal with these weapons correctly, then you can get quite a bit of pleasure. And the attacks of the sword themselves cause decent damage to monsters. As a result, it is suitable for those players who are able and used to play with a low speed of movement.

About weapon modifications.

Weapons have special “Flasks”, this is a scale for gaining energy of ability or a scale for charging weapons for power action. Two types of flasks are found: Power Flask and Impact Flask. By setting one of these types of bottles, the character will change the style of combat.

In most cases, we recommend that you select Impact Flask. Since there is more choice of monster control and attacks are able to break through the armor of monsters.

“Power flask.” Allows a weapon to deal damage with effects. In this case, you will need to try to strike at the enemy’s weaknesses, which is very difficult.

The “Flasks” scale is filled with conventional attacks and there are several colors in total. The most filled color is the “Brightly Red Bottle”. After the scale “Flasks” is charged, you need to charge the “Flasks”, which in the future will give enhanced attacks.

If you continue to charge the “Flasks”, then there is a risk of overheating the weapon and then the attacks will begin to bounce off the enemy. To remove overheating, you need to charge the “Flask”.

With the help of infected “Flasks” you can strengthen the shield, sword and ax.

When the “Shield” is reinforced, new attacks appear, additional damage is inflicted, as well as increased protection against incoming attacks. From the charged “Shield” it will be possible to charge the “Sword”.

After strengthening the “Sword” through the shield, the damage of all the Sword attacks dealt increases. The gain is temporary, so you have to constantly carry out a similar procedure. In order to get good priorities in the future and increase the chances of winning. At the same time, the gain does not affect the attacks of the “Ax”.

Using the Flasks, you can activate the Reinforced Ax and use it for a while. As long as there are charged “Flasks”. Which of all the available combined attacks does very decent damage. It is better to use it after strengthening the “Shield”.

About the combat process.

At the beginning of the battle with the monster, you must try to accurately apply combined attacks with the “Sword”. Until the moment when the filling of the red color of “Vials” occurs. After that, you need to immediately charge the “Flasks”. Otherwise, the sword will bounce off the monster.

After charging, you can use the available bonuses at your discretion. Make a Sword attack or activate a Reinforced Ax. At the same time, it is important to take into account their attack speed, this will help to better damage the enemy.

For example, if you strengthen the “Sword”, then you can inflict quick attacks and good damage. But the “Reinforced Ax”, and generally attack with the “Ax” are slow and the monster can just dodge. In this case, you need to choose the right moment to maintain a good result.