Northgard Clan Kraken (Lingbakr) review and tips on the game as well as features of the clan

The people of the Kraken clan worship the gigantic sea monster, venerating his wisdom and strength. At the same time they are afraid of his power. Use power when he gives them his blessing. Maybe that’s why they don’t go to sea and they don’t have “Mariners”.

The clan has its “Bonuses”.

  • “Fisherman’s Hut” replaced by “Fisheries.” With this structure, the priority for the extraction of “Food” is increased, since it makes it possible to fish from coastal areas and in lakes where fish are found.

But if there are not many coastal territories, it will not bring much priority.

  • Building producing “Happiness” “Brewery” replaced by the building “Herg”. In this building, the Norn priestesses mine Happiness and Wird energy.

Energy “Wird” provides many advantages and opens the player a new strategy for the game. Energy can be spent on Wird’s Abilities.

Penalties of the Kraken clan.

  • Colonization and construction are more expensive.

The farther from the coastal territory the more expensive colonization is 50%. The same goes for construction, it is also 50% more expensive.

  • Penalty to attack the army.

In all non-coastal territories, the attack of all units is reduced by 30%. Thus, emphasizing this clan that the main strategy would be based on a game near the seashore. And to the center of the island you can get only fines.

  • There is no way to build a Dakkar Marina.

This slightly complicates the process of extracting Gold and Giving energy at the beginning of the game. Which complicates the development process a little. But in its place you can build a “Fisheries” and begin to get “Food”, right from the sea.

Bonuses of “Glory” of the Kraken clan.

  • “Clairvoyance.” It costs 200 points of “Glory”.

Gives the clan 400 Vird points. The Kraken clan learns about the proper events before the other clans. When the Kraken approaches, the clan makes a free feast.

  • “Howl of the lord of the seas.” Worth 500 points of “Glory”.

If there is an armed clash in enemy fighters in the neutral or in the enemy zone of the clan. The wars that won can turn into “Phantom Wars” that go to the side of the “Kraken Clan”

Clan relic of the Kraken Clan.

It’s called “Edda Thieves.” You can make this relic in the Forge, and after construction gives 1000 Wird points. In addition, the Burrows begin to produce Glory.

This relic can be considered almost useless since you can accumulate Glory points for standard improvement without it. And the gain of “Vird” in 1000 units is given only once.

It is better to build another relic, which can probably bring more benefits than the relic of “Ed Thieves.”

But if the victory is the achievement of “Glory”, then build a clan relic. Since the growth of “Glory” from the production of “Nor” will increase significantly, and the “Burrows” will be even more profitable.

The Tradition of the Kraken Clan.

  • “Endless tide.”

Increases attack power of fighters by 20%. The cost is also reduced by 20%. And the “Military Camp” gives another +1 free space for the squad.

  • “Near the spirit of the seas.”

If 4 buildings have been built on the coastal territory, then the clan gets +1 unit to the Giving and +1 unit to Wird.

  • “Knowledge from another world.”

Opens the “Trading posts” the opportunity to trade resources on the “Trade Ways”. In addition, it opens on the map all neutral nations.

After improvement, trading with some people, alongside the “Gold” begins to produce “Giving” in + 3 units. And having traded with neutral nations, the growth of Gold is increasing by 20%.

  • “Foresight”.

Burrows begin to produce 20% more Wyrd and increase Happiness by 50%.

  • “Fresh fish”.

Fishermen begin to bring more Food, and their tools are created faster and free.

If the buildings “Fisheries” from 3 pieces, then an improvement can bring decent performance indicators of the production of “Food”.

Wird’s Abilities of the Kraken Clan.

  • Shallow water. Worth 100 Wird points.

Improves the coastal territory on which you can build more buildings per 1 unit.

  • “Tide”. Worth 300 Wird points.

If you use this ability, then fines on non-coastal zones are canceled. But only in those territories that are located close to the coastal territory.

The penalty for building and attacking the warriors of the Kraken clan is canceled. The penalty for colonization of the territory is also abolished, now it will be possible to colonize this territory at the usual cost.

  • “Valhalla Road”. Worth 600 Wird points.

It makes it possible to illuminate the Nora, which turns into a Valkyrie combat unit. In total in the army you can have one “Valkyrie”.

The summoned Valkyrie may be considered the second clan hero. Moreover, with almost the same characteristics as the “Governor”.

But you need to consider the number of “Villagers” of the female sex, as they bring “Happiness” in the “Herg” building.

  • “Ancient spirit”. Worth 1000 Wird points.

Summons 5 Phantom Warriors to the enemy’s coastal territory. But it must be borne in mind that these called-up wars can also attack allied forces. It will not be possible to fully control them; they take hostilities without the participation of a player.

This is an excellent ability of the clan, which allows you to raider raids on the coastal territories of the enemy clan. And at the same time without big losses, since they can be hired an unlimited number of times in the aisles of the existing Wird.

Heroes of the Clan Kraken.

This clan defaults to one “Voivode” hero. Which has 75 health. In its attacking and defensive qualities, their “Governor” is not very different from other clans.

But thanks to special bonuses and the clan’s special feature, Wird’s Abilities, you can hire another Valkyrie hero. The “Valkyrie” is distinguished from other heroes by high defense, which is 18 units, and the attack is 10 units. Health as well as the “Governor” 75 units.

You can hire a Valkyrie in the Wird’s Abilities tab for 600 Wird points. But on the condition that there is a woman trained in the Nord, who works in the Herg building.

Two heroes give a good advantage in attacking and defending the territory, and the Valkyrie can well deter enemy attacks. This point needs to be taken into account and, if possible, sent to attacks in the first place. And the rest of the detachment as reinforcements and support for the Valkyrie.

If the Valkyrie perishes, the clan will not feel much of the consequences, since it requires one produced resource, Wird, which is quite affordable. Unless of course in the clan is enough “Settled” female.

Conclusion on the “Kraken Clan”.

Almost all of the development and process of the game is focused on the coastal part of the map. It’s difficult to go out to the center of the card due to fines. Colonization and the development of buildings in these territories are expensive. In Wird’s Abilities, you can purchase upgrades to the Tide territory, which will abolish fines. But this improvement does not remove fines from the central territories on the map. Traffic with little waste is possible two rows from the sea.

But even with such fines, there are a number of advantages:

  • This is perhaps the only clan that has the largest number of buildings on the same territory.

Let’s say in the default territory you can build 3 buildings. After the standard upgrade for Gold, another building opens up. As a result, an ordinary clan can build 4 buildings in one territory. And if you make an improvement in “Wird’s Abilities” “Shoal”, then the number of buildings increases by 1 unit. And as a result, on one territory, the Kraken Clan can build as many as 5 buildings.

Such a strategic approach can lead to significant results in the production and maintenance of a large number of people.

  • Simple extraction of “Food”.

Due to the structure of “Fisheries”, the production of “Food” is possible both at sea and in lakes. If there are several coastal territories, then there will be no big problems with the production of “Food” and the development of territories will be easier.

The number of buildings “Warehouse” is increasing. In this regard, available marginal reserves of resources increase very significantly. Which subsequently gives passage in the colonization of expensive territories and increases survival in winter and blizzards.

  • The army is better on the shores.

Thanks to the improvement in the Giving, Endless Tide, the attack increases for fighters. If they are located in coastal areas. And in some cases, the promotion and development of territories is better and easier to develop by moving towards the coast, and not to the center of the map island.

  • Perhaps the most “happy” clan.

Because of Wird’s Abilities, there is a desire to build more Herg buildings that produce Wird and Happiness energy. But happiness in this regard is of a secondary nature, since it is necessary to establish the production of Wird at the right level. To actively raid with the help of “Spirits” into enemy territories and use other “Wird Abilities”.

Not a big nuance.

If there is no “Glory” in terms of victory, then it is better to replace the clan relic with another relic. Our offer will be the relic “Melnir”, which allows you to summon a thunderstorm. A summoned thunderstorm in a specified area will cause damage to buildings and the public for a month. Which is very effective against the enemy clan controlled by the computer. A thunderstorm can be summoned once for about 10 minutes.

Paired with a call in “Wird’s Abilities” “Ancient Spirit”, the effect of an attack of an enemy clan increases significantly. And if the enemy clan lacks a hero, then only these abilities can win a victory.