Sea of Thieves About pirate ship adventures in action

Sea of ​​Thieves is a game about the adventures of pirates who crave for fame and fortune. The game allows players to travel through a large and open world that can be explored in search of treasures. And take part in battles at sea with ships and in hand-to-hand battles. At the moment, you can play on the Xbox and PC platforms, and the developer is Rare Ltd.

And on the way in search of the treasures of our heroes, various dangers await. And not only other pirates can prevent you from reaching the treasure, but also sea monsters guarding valuable islands. In the process of exploring the vast sea world, you can find secret islands, wreckage debris and of course valuable artifacts. And in order to earn money, you can cooperate with trading companies and carry out their tasks.

The player does not have specific roles and they can communicate with each other. There is also the opportunity to travel alone or find a team. But on the way to the goal, you can meet other players who can also keep the path to the same tasks and goals. And the actions depend on the players themselves. And as extra income there can be a victory over the same pirate.

About the plot and the company.

The storyline includes 11 incredible stories called Tall Tales. And one of these stories is the adventures of the Golden Shores. This story is aimed at allowing players to get to know the Sea of ​​Thieves better. And the story itself is considered the first novel of “Treasures of Athens” in Sea of ​​Thieves.

You can take part in the adventure of the history of the “Golden Shores” in the “Tavern” at the “High Pirate”. Which can tell a lot of interesting things and tell you about the secrets of the mysterious islands.

In the process of passing the characters will meet with deadly traps and enemies who embody evil. And they will also be able to use unusual objects and get rich prey after solving ancient secrets. The most valuable are ancient artifacts and enchanted items.

To become the owner of ancient mining, you have to go on a dangerous adventure in search of a lost island. Many pirates know about the existence of the island, but do not believe in existence. Due to the fact that there are great difficulties on the way to it, and not everyone dared to go there.

Artifacts on the island are guarded by the “Great Skeletons”, which were enchanted to guard secret places. “Skeleton Lords” are very dangerous and resourceful, and some of them are also inventive. Entering the hostilities with them, you need to be well prepared.

Having passed and defeating dangerous skeletons, our characters can continue the path. And meet with other dangers that are set to protect artifacts from unwanted intrusions. These dangers are “Dangerous traps” and to pass them you need to be very careful and attentive.

The passage of the islands and the search for treasures is tuned in the way of random generations. Suppose if a player could not get to the desired treasures, then his next trip will be unique. That is, the traps that were installed earlier may already be in other places. And in the previous place when passing, there may be something else.

Trading companies.

Trading companies are pirate organizations, their goal is to take their position in the vast Sea of ​​Thieves. In total, four Trading Companies are available in adventure mode and one more for arena mode. Each organization uses its own methods and has its own goals. In this case, the characters can have a relationship with everyone at once and perform their tasks.

By receiving tasks from the Trading Companies and having successfully completed them, you can earn valuable pay and increase your reputation. A good reputation contributes to obtaining more profitable and interesting trips, the implementation of which, you can get the best rewards. And if their cooperation reaches level 50 with three Trading Companies, then you can get the title of Legendary Pirate.

Players can complete tasks and collaborate with the following Trading Companies:

  • Brotherhood of hunters.

The founder of this company is called Unsinkable Merrick, who organized this family business. The main mission of this organization is to teach all pirates to fish and eat well.

They pay a good reward for rare fish and exquisite culinary preparations. And if you cooperate with them and get respect and the status of “Best”, then they will be happy to prepare unique awards.

  • Goldilocks.

This is a kind of association of people who value gold. And is considered the oldest organization. And for all the time of existence, valuable keys to hidden chests were taken to preserve. And some of the few who know where valuable treasures are buried in chests. And they are also able to open almost any chest if any pirate calls on them with a similar request.

But for their services, they take part of the available gold from the chests. But in addition they award valuable rewards to those who have a good reputation with them. And good pirates can be given a task and a map with a place where some chest is buried.

Pirates and Goldilocks collaborate with each other for many reasons. But the main reason is that the pirates do not know how to open the chest. And the gold-holders are forced to cooperate with the pirates due to the fact that the locations of valuable chests are very dangerous.

  • Order of souls.

This organization is considered very mysterious and mysterious. And in order to start cooperating with them, they need to bring skulls of skeletons that guard the islands with artifacts. The members of this Trading Company are somehow able to read the memories from the skull and find out the location of the hidden artifacts.

They can get a task to capture the rebellious skeleton and get a valuable reward.

  • Trade Union.

This is a law-abiding organization doing business on an honest basis. Ready to pay for the capture of animals and transportation of valuable goods. Not very willing to do business with pirates. But for honest and decent pirates with a normal reputation, they are ready to give a task and work.

  • Sea wolves.

The founders of this Trading Company are Demarco and Lacy. Ready to take any brave pirates in their tavern who dared to participate in the arena.

For participating in competitions you can get valuable equipment and gold.