The Dark Eye Book of Heroes RPG for playing in a co-op

The Dark Eye Book of Heroes is the new RPG from the developer Random Potion Oy. The game is released under the license of THE DARK EYE Book of Heroes. In this story, we have to go to the world of Aventuria, where you can explore the world both on earth and underground. In some ways, the game can be compared with Neverwinter Nights, which many are well aware and heard of.

So far, little is known about the game and the developers have hardly disclosed it. At the moment, we can say that the game can be released around 2020.

A co-op for 4 people is available in the game. Each of them chooses his character, for the best passage of the game. According to the ideas of the developers, different characters, using their abilities, seem to create a combined blow to the enemy. At the same time, some opponents can be defeated together, since they will need the combined skills and strengths of the heroes.

The game has 5 character classes and 4 races. From the characters you can choose the Blessed Rondra, Assassin, Mercenary, Knight and Black Mage. The 4 races that players can play are elves, half elves, gnomes, and humans.

In the game you can pump objects and create them. And also pump the character himself.