Northgard Conquest Viking conquest continuation saga strategy conquest

Northgard Conquest Conquest is a new history of the Viking conquest of land. The developers of Shiro Games tried to make the sequel not just interesting, but many one-time. When passing a new company, cards are randomly generated. And if you chose a clan and could not complete the mission and started it for a new one, then the terrain will be different and the location of the base will also be in another place. It turns out as if every time a new game, even if you pass for the same clan.

In the new game, developers have improved and introduced many new things, and at the moment Northgard Conquest is an offline mode. Which involves the passage of about 100 hours. You can go both alone and in a co-op with a friend.

At the beginning of the game, the map is covered with fog and you can see only the part on which the main building stands. The large map is divided into many different territories that you need to open using the “Scout”. And then colonize and continue to expand their ownership of the system while building. In each territory there are restrictions on the possibility of building buildings. The territory can be improved and open the possibility for the construction of one building.

And each clan has its own scheme of passing “Conquest”. Missions differ on special clan and ordinary. After completing one task, the following tasks to choose from become available. After completing any task, the clan receives rewards in the form of bonuses that give priority to the next mission.

About the new clans.

The developers added 5 new clans to the new company:

– “Swafnir” (Clan of the Snake).

Of all the existing clans, the “Snake clan” is considered deceitful and cunning. Special tactics are ambush attacks. But they don’t like frontal skirmishes. Fighters can be secretive. Wars can attack an enemy clan without being adjacent to it. That is, move through other free territories.

– “Needogg.” (Dragon Clan).

The clan features rituals and sacrifice.

– “Svardilfari.” (Clan of the Horse).

This clan has two heroes who rule this clan Brock and Euthria. In the Forge, summon two governor of Velund. Can forge two “Relics”, and not one.

– Lyungbakr. (Clan Kraken).

You can call the conquerors of the seas and worship the sea monster. The priority territory is coastal, but closer to the land centers of the clan there are fines.

– “Himminbrutir.” (clan of the Bull).

The clan is famous for power, but with the development of the clan is not a big problem. Since there are limitations in the number of workers in buildings. The clan is ruled by the mighty Torfin, who can wear and improve his equipment, increasing his characteristics.

As a result, 11 clans are available in the game Northgard Conquest. And all the clans with their unique features and game tactics.

About Career.

In addition to the new clans, a new career system has been introduced. She works in addition to leveling “Giving”. But in order to start pumping it, you need to take part in battles and attack new territories, as well as fight with other clans.

In “Career”, there are three branches available for leveling, and you can choose one of the three “Strategists”, “Keeper” or “Conqueror”. Moreover, in each of them there are three levels. When progress is made, “Careers” opens one of them.

  • “Strategist”.

– “Strong armor.”

Fighters get a chance to block the attack, but with a probability of 10%.

– The Bodyguard.

The governor appears bodyguard, who follows him. At the same time, the governor himself gets + 20% attack power, but the damage is reduced by – 40%.

– “Battle cry”.

After reaching this level, the governor gains the ability to intimidate enemy fighters for 3 seconds.

  • ” The keeper “.

Of all the presented branches of development in the “Career”, the improvement of the “Guardian” can be considered the most effective. Since it is designed to increase the size of the army.

– The Garrison.

After obtaining this level, it will be possible to improve one defensive tower for free. And the improved tower increases the number of squads by 2 units.

– “Suppression Fire.”

With active improvement, fighters receive a bonus to defense of 30%, but if they are in the coverage area of ​​the defensive tower.

Once a year provides an opportunity to improve one tower for free. But if two years pass, the bonus will not be added up.

– “To arms.”

A very useful improvement if enemy fighters attack the land. Allows workers and settlers to arm themselves and become militias. But after defeating the enemy, they must again be distributed between the buildings.

  • ” The Conqueror “.

– “Mobilization”.

Opens the opportunity to choose one military improvement in “Tradition”

– “Blood bath”.

Improvement gives a bonus to the army. If a fighter dies in the enemy’s territory, then those who are in the same territory will receive an attack bonus of + 5% and + 5% to defense within one month.

– “Experienced fighters.”

Upon reaching level 3, the army gains good advantages. “Wars” increase their health by +20%. Ax Throwers increase attack radius by + 30%. Shield Bearers receive a bonus to their armor, and their projectile damage is reduced by + 30%. The “instigators” gain an ability with a special attack on the towers. If they damaged the tower, then the tower cannot be repaired. Draconids can quickly conquer enemy territories by + 5%. Moreover, if there are several “Draconids” in the territory, then the indicator is summed up.

Introduced special “Relics” into the game. In addition to the usual relics, there are special “Clan Relics”. In order to gain access to them, you must first pump in the “Forge” building, and then build. Each clan has its own unique “Relic”.

At the end of each mission, you can see the results of your game and that of other clans. A window is displayed on the screen where the kaike of the earth is shown and when they were conquered, as well as the ongoing hostilities.


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