sea of thieves tall tales guide damn traveler tips

As we said before, tall tales is a separate company that includes several story missions. This time we will tell you how to complete the second task. And this time we will have to communicate with Madame Olivia herself, the most important in the Soul Order faction.

In the story Cursed Traveler, you will need to find the skeleton that smashed the Curtain Divider. And the place of this skeleton, of course, is known to Madame Olivia, and the beginning of the assignment begins with her workplace at the Robbers Outpost.

At the house of Madame Olivia.

In a dialogue with Madame Olivia, we learn about the Briggsi pirate, who was looking for dangerous adventures and was not afraid of a difficult path. Like other pirates, she heard about the Golden Shores and through her things it will be possible to determine her location.

After receiving the diary from “Madame Olivia”, on the first page there is a clue where to keep going. In the diary are written “Ancient Islands” and the northern direction. Or rather, the island is located in the “Ancient Islands”. Presumably the island is called “Medium Island”.

The first task, the search for the “Key”.

The second page shows the path of movement around the island and an approximate place where skeletons can be. To find them, you need to climb the mountain and already orientate by the sound. When you approach them, you will hear how they communicate with each other.

As soon as you approach the island, skeletal dialogues appear. A little higher, on the mountain, is not a large group of skeletons and their captain. Defeating these skeletons is not difficult. And the necessary “Key”, which is indicated in the diary, will drop out of the captain.

Search for the chest.

After receiving the “Key” in the diary, new tips appear. The fact that you need to find the chest that the pirates buried. One of them is called “Bill.” To find this place of the chest you need to swim to the “Bending Hollow”.

Once on the island, you need to immediately look for the cave. And get ready to battle with the skeletons that guard the chest. The position of the chest is indicated by the skeletons themselves, they are next to the buried chest.

Inside the chest is the “Briggsy Star Map” and the “Briggs Spyglass.” These things will need to be attributed to “Madame Olivia.” To carry out the ritual. And after the ritual, “Madame Olivia” gives a compass that indicates the location of the “Brigsey”. The compass itself is somewhat reminiscent of the one that Jack Sparrow had in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

We are looking for a trace on the compass or in search of Briggs.

Further travel will certainly continue on this compass. And while swimming, you sometimes need to get out and look at his directions. As a result, the compass should lead to the island “Wanderer Shelter”.

And at the very top of the island is the same Brigsey, only in the form of a skeleton. Of all the previous skeletons in this mission, she is the most dangerous. In addition to standard attacks, it can attack with a special ability. Which throws pirates to a great distance and can kill the first time. And also can move in space and summon skeletons.

In the battle with her, you need to take a barrel at the beginning of the battle and throw it not far from it. And then go to a safe distance. If possible, use another barrel. In attack use melee weapons and ranged weapons. After defeating her, there remains a skull with a ruby.

The resulting skull must be brought to “Madame Olivia.” From which she learns several important names that are useful for further tasks. And that’s all, the mission “Damned traveler” is completed.