Sea of Thieves Tall Tales Curtain Divider Tips for Newbies on Diary Finder

In the game Sea of ​​Thieves there is another mode of passage of the company, which is called Tall Tales. Pirates who have reached level 50 can begin to execute it. Which previously received the title of “Mysterious Strangeries” in the tavern. The continuation of the company is not very difficult because you have to think and be as careful as possible. Since not all diaries are right in front of your eyes.

The first quest is called the “Curtain Divider.”

To begin a new adventure, you need to talk to the “Mysterious Stranger” in the tavern. Which tells the story of a pirate who visited the Golden Shores. In a dialogue, he indicates that only the strongest and the bravest can reach the goal of this journey. After the dialogue, he gives the first diary of a pirate who has visited places with rich treasures.

In order to get to the mysterious island, you must first find the “Curtain Divider”, which will show the way to the “Golden Shores” and their treasures.

The diary on pages 7 and 8 contains the first clue. Which tells that the ship of the legendary pirate found an island that is not on the map. The diary also indicates that their ship was standing in front of the Cliff Mast Cliffs, and behind it was the Curving Hollow.

We swim to this place, and its coordinates are the middle between “N”, “O” and the middle of “13”, “14”. That is, “N” is 13.14 and “O” is 13.14. Once on the island you need to open the book again on pages 9 and 10. On these pages it is written that his ship was sunk, and the contents in it were under water. Our task is to get what is at the bottom of the sea.

For the approximate place of the ship crash, you need to pay attention to the picture 10 pages. A bonfire and palm trees are painted on it. Of course, the fire will not be by this time, but the firewood from the fire remained. After the path is found, you need to go in search of the drowned treasure. Finding a wreck is not a big deal. The main place for us is the “Cabin of that pirate”, in it you need to find the “Ship Magpie Magpie Wing”.

Entries for diary number 2 or diary number 2.

In the future, our diary is updated and we are already taking a course on the found “Ship Journal”. The magazine shows a brief history of his voyage before drowning. Here it is important to pave his way on the map in order to understand where and how he sailed while escaping from another pirate ship, the Fire Blade.

The beginning of the legendary pirate’s journey was from the Open Ridge Island. When they were noticed by the ship “Fire Blade” they quickly got out of the island and went on the run. You can sail to this island, but most likely you will not find the necessary things there.

The following note indicated the island “Walled”. From this mark you need to continue on to the “North”. It is important to note that if you arrive at the island you need it to be on the right side of the ship.

Not far from the island of the “Walled Fortress Wall” is a place where the legendary pirate threw a mysterious chest. It is necessary to sail to this island as indicated above, in a northerly direction. If you did everything right, then you will find Chicken Island.

Your task is the very chest that was thrown from the ship so that other pirates from the Fireblade ship would not find it. To find this chest will have to swim a bit, since there is no exact location of the chest.

So, you managed to find that treasured chest. It contains new entries and a statuette. The figure will be useful to us in the future, so we take away the entire “Ancient Chest” and continue to solve riddles.

Entries for the diary or diary number 3.

Taking out the chest, we again look at the diary with new entries. But he painted the statuette “Divider of the veil.” And a brief story that she was guarded and transported by the seas from place to place. We have not yet found what it is for.

The note contains a hint to the destination. But immediately understand what it means is not easy. You need to understand what the words “Tears of the island” mean. According to our assumptions, “Tears” is water, and there may be lakes and a waterfall on the islands. The tip also indicates that there is a “Cave” on the island, which means that upon arrival to such an island we need to go to the cave waterfall.

You can try to find the island itself on the “Global Map” according to the drawing indicated in the diary. To do this, you need to carefully look at the map and try to find this island on your ship in the pirate’s cabin.

Another way is to open a diary and on page 8 the name of the island is written. The island is called “Curving Hollow.”

Upon arrival to the island you need to go immediately to the waterfall. The cave itself is hiding behind a waterfall. In the cave itself, you need to draw a “Beetle on a Stone”, about such a beetle was painted in a diary.

Next to the painted Beetle on the Stone lies a small Scarab Totem. It must be taken and put on a stone next to a burning plate. Then the earth will tremble and you can see how the stones move, opening the passage. Here lies another diary.

About combinations on stones and a room flooded with water.

Having passed into the passage, which is located in the same place, not far from the established Totem. You can see the “Altar”, and next to it there are 4 “Braziers” that you need to light with your lamp. And only after that, in front of the “Altar” will the button become active, which can be pressed to activate the room.

By pressing a button, the door or passage through which they entered this room will be closed and the channels from the waterfall will open. After which the room itself will gradually be filled with water. To survive, you will need to float to the ceiling of the room and breathe air. And then again dive and enter the desired combination.

On the stones different images with little people will be drawn. Remember, at the beginning of the search for this island in the diary looked at the pictures. So these pictures will be needed to save and disable the flooding of the room, as well as remove the flooded water in the room.

The diary shows two combinations with a set of keys. The first combination is shown at the top of the diary on the right page, where “Curtain Divider” is drawn. And the second combination is at the bottom of the diary page. You will need to collect all having combinations.

To activate the whole combination, you need to approach and press the button after each change in the position of the picture on the stone. That is, we turned the drawing on the stone as we needed and pressed the button. Next, we go to rotate the next picture and go back to the button and press it.

About the medallions.

When the whole combination is assembled, the flooding of the room will stop, and the water will leave. Our hero will be assigned a new achievement, called the “Treasury of the Ancients.” And on the “Altar” itself there will appear places with buried keys “Medallions”, which will need to be installed in the recesses under the “Altar” button.

After digging the first “Medallion”, “Unique Skeletons” will appear, which were not previously in the game. But in their characteristics they are no different from ordinary “Skeletons”. You can defeat them with ordinary melee weapons. By setting the first “Medallion” in place under the button, the location of the next “Medallion” will appear.

Having collected all three “Medallions”. You need to click on the button and then the next passage will open. And the “Altar” will close. In the newly opened aisle is a real “Curtain Divider”. Which you need to take and bring the “Mysterious Person” to the tavern.

After arriving at the tavern and handing him the found “Curtain Divider”. He will tell that the relic found is not in full assembly and there are not enough precious stones. But only Madame Olivia, who is at the Robbers Fortpost, knows about these stones. “Madame Olivia” is the main faction of the Order of Souls.

On this journey of the pirate to search for “Curtain Divider” is completed and completed. Good luck in sea adventures, brave pirates, tailwind to your sails.