World of Tanks the long-awaited introduction of a new game mechanics: twin guns.

This mechanics was introduced by developers back in 2011. Then the representative of such mechanics was the American tank MTLS-1G14. It was very interesting to play on it, but shells when fired at medium distances scattered in different directions. Nevertheless, the pleasure of playing on this tank was good enough. There were a lot of discussions and suggestions in the communities from players to developers on this mechanics.

And so, already in September 2019, the developers introduced a tank with twin guns for a general test. The main tasks were to understand how this mechanics will work in the game and how it will be perceived by the players. Defined with features and test characteristics.

On October 11, 2019, a branch of Soviet tanks with twin guns was introduced. Twin guns will be installed on Soviet heavy tanks. Passes the second stage of testing in which the features of the guns are considered.

Players will have the opportunity to play tanks with twin guns from the heavy Soviet tank “IS -2 Option -2” at level 8. This is a kind of modernization of the IS tank. But the transition itself and the possibility of pumping is available from the Soviet KV-3 tank. Since the tanks have some similar design features. On this tank it is planned to introduce two guns with a caliber of 100 millimeters and 122 millimeters. In the first version of the gun, a special bias is made on the mechanics and preparation for the shot and reducing the reload time. And in the second, 122 millimeters, just the emphasis is on one-time damage. Unlike a regular IS tank, the IS -2 Option -2 will have more armor penetration and a more reinforced turret.

at level 9 players will be waiting for “IS – 3 Option-2.” Differences from the usual Soviet heavy tank “IS-3” is a tower that holds two guns. But the hull does not have great outstanding features, since the tank has a hull from level 8. The good points are good speed for a heavy tank of level 9.

The tank “ST-2” is located at level 10. The caliber of the gun will be 122 millimeters. One-time damage from one weapon is 440 units.

You can shoot from twin guns in three modes:

  • Cyclic (standard)

When fired, the first gun goes to reload. At this moment, the second gun becomes active, and the camera moves to its line of sight. In this case, after a small reload, it becomes possible to shoot from the second gun.

  • Sequential (alternating firing from two guns)

After a shot from the first gun, you can not wait for a full charge, but shoot from the second gun after a short delay, better known as reloading inside the drum. In this case, the reloading of the first gun will be completely reset.

  • Double shot (simultaneous firing of two guns)

The most interesting way. To shoot from two loaded guns at the same time, you will need to hold the left mouse button: preparation for the shot will begin, which will take several seconds.

The reload progress will be displayed in the scope. When preparation is complete, a shot from two guns will happen automatically. If you release the left mouse button before the end of preparation, it will be reset and the shot will not happen – from either one or two guns.
After a double shot, both guns are blocked and do not recharge for some time. At the end of the lock, the guns begin to reload in turn.

With a double shot, both shells fly in the same direction parallel to each other. A situation in which one shell goes up and the other down is impossible.

An interesting feature of firing from two guns at the same time. If you make a shot, the tank rolls back a little. But at the same time, if the tank is set in motion, and the tower is turned back and fired, then the tank will accelerate slightly.

History reference.

At different times, in many countries, designs of combat vehicles with twin guns were developed. The USSR was no exception: in the fall of 1941, at the plant No. 183, a project of a medium tank with three T-34-3 guns was developed.

Another prototype of the KV-7 assault tank was designed in November 1941 in Chelyabinsk on the instructions of Stalin. Its armament consisted of two 45-mm guns and one 76th gun ZIS-5. The KV-7 concept provided for the launching of volley fire. A prototype KV-7 was made in December 1941, moreover, serial production of these machines was supposed.

In 1945, two designs of the ST-I and ST-II machines were proposed, the latter with two guns. Players are most familiar with this modification, although it has never embodied in metal.

None of these machines went beyond the project stage. The potential advantage in the combat use of tanks with two guns did not outweigh the difficulties with their production, development and potentially high cost.

For the second gun, a separate loading and additional ammunition was needed. Because of this, the volume of the tank grows, the tower increases, which leads to an increase in the total mass of the tank. Accordingly, it is necessary to improve the suspension and chassis as a whole, as well as to make the tracks wider so as not to lose patency.

Then, in the conditions of war, it was difficult to realize: the front demanded as many tanks as possible, so spending resources on design research was an inadmissible luxury.