Monster Hunter World Glaive Guide weapons and game review

In the game Monster Hunter World Iceborne there are several types of weapons and each of them has its own combat mechanics. As well as the application strategy. Starting the game for the first time, it’s not easy to immediately understand the controls and understand the advantages of weapons. In addition, there are different types of monsters with their strengths and weaknesses.

About the description of the Glaive weapon in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

“Glaive” in the game is considered a fairly mobile weapon, which is capable of dealing decent damage to monsters. And if necessary, does not limit the character in moving on the ground. this suggests that the character is easy to evade the attacks of the monster. And if necessary, you can soar in the air for a while and launch attacks.

Due to the lack of penalties in mobility, the character can quickly move around the battlefield and easily dodge monster attacks. And the ability to jump high and inflict soaring attacks in the air makes the character almost imperceptible.

Also, the weapon gives the character additional enhancements using the new game mechanics. In the form of a hand beetle, which must be sent to a monster. Moreover, at the very beginning, the beetle has a low speed, because of which the weapon does not give high priority. And in the pumped form, it becomes possible to enjoy it and get positive pleasure.

About bonuses and weapon enhancements Glaive.

The Glaive weapon has several power-ups and bonuses that give the character priorities on the battlefield. Bonus indicators are reflected in the upper left corner, under the health scale and weapon status.

In order to receive bonuses and power-ups, the character has a special manual assistant, the Syntex bug. It appears only when Glaive’s weapons are used in battles. The beetle can be sent to a monster and after a successful hit it gives one gain point. During the game, the beetle can be separately improved.

About gain effects.

In total there are four colors of reflection of hits on the body parts of the monster “Red”, “White”, “Orange” and “Green”. Each of these colors, the bug can give a certain bonus if it hits a specific part of the monster. In this case, the beetle can be returned in the event of a hit or miss.

The beetle has its own energy. If the hit was successful, then the bug can remain on the body of the monster. In doing so, he will spend his supply of energy. And when the energy is over, he returns back to the character.

  • Red color.

It is issued in case a bug enters the head of a monster or any attacking parts of the body. And it gives the character an increase in dealing additional damage to the monster. And the period of action of this effect lasts one minute.

  • White color.

Gives the character an increased speed for the character. You can get it when a bug falls into the clutches of monsters.

  • Orange color.

Gives the character enhanced armor. Thanks to which the monster can not drop the character and cancel the set of combined attacks. A bug can get such an increase if it gets into the chest or back of a monster.

  • Green color.

Allows the character to restore a little health. To activate this gain, the bug needs to fall into the tail of the monster.

About additional bonuses.

The character can receive such bonuses in case of activation of several colors. For example, the “Red and White” color increases physical damage by 10%. White and orange color increase protection by 10%.

Existing amplifications can be increased if you feed the beetle with charges from a self-shoot, stones and collecting supplies. In this case, the bug can store two bonuses at the same time.

Glaive Combined Attacks.

  • “Beat the tornado.”

This is one of the powerful standard attacks of this weapon. Its combination occurs on the ground and the attack inflicts a horizontal jump with a forward strike. Such an attack is best carried out on an immobilized monster in the head. So you can use it as efficiently as possible.

  • “Strong upward strike.”

This combination of attacks can be considered standard, since they do not require a complex set of actions. And his attacks do good damage over a small radius in front of the character. With this attack, you can inflict damage on the head of a monster when it is not immobilized.

  • “Cutting kick in a jump.”

This attack is designed to quickly reduce the distance with the monster. And further causing damage. At the same time, the attack does not do much damage.

  • “Cutting Dodge.”

This attack is needed to dodge the enemy attack and increase the small distance with the monster. In order to make other attacking tricks or release a bug in the right place.

  • “Jump with support”.

This technique is necessary to evade monster attacks. When using this combination, damage to the monster is not applied.

  • “Strong offensive jump jump.”

Among the available attacking combined attacks is the most impressive of “Glaive”. Since her attacks are airborne. If attacks fall, then the character continues to dance in the air and inflict damage to the monster. Such a dance is possible up to 5 times, and then sinks to the ground.

Full attacks do decent damage to the monster. It should be noted that the attacks are not targeted and cause damage in different places. So it is likely that some attacks may simply not be effective. That is, to hit the armored parts of the monster.

The process of military action.

At the first meeting with a monster, you must immediately release the bug, as from a long-range weapon. And try to get into the key parts of the body of the monster. So you can get some kind of improvement for weapons.

It is important to note that the main gain is the “Red” color. It is necessary to try to get it at the very beginning of the battle. And in the future, adhere to this particular strategy. In this case, a beginner can easily cope with “Glaive”.

When the weapon became available and understandable to the player. You can try to combine whole sets of colors in battle. And the second most important is the “Orange” color, as the character is endowed with protection. But its activation is not always useful. Since a character with these weapons is endowed with good mobility.

After gaining gain, you can come to attacks on the weak parts of the monster. And during the battle in time to evade enemy attacks. Playing with this weapon, the character, as it were, dances across the middle of the screen and waves his weapons in different directions. Attacks are delivered quickly and some miss is not particularly noticeable.