Italian medium tank P 43 ter review in world of tanks and game guide

The Italian medium tank P 43 ter began to be developed in 1940. But he did not enter full-fledged production and on combat duty. Due to the cancellation of its development. The work was suspended at the design stage.

In the online game world of tanks.

The Italian medium tank P 43 ter is at level 7. In its presented class, it is more a heavy tank than an average. Of the entire Italian branch, which is currently represented in 2020, this tank is one of the most successful equipped with a single-shot cannon.

The tank can gain speed up to 55 kilometers per hour, which allows you to quickly move to the battlefield. Bush holding is also possible and move from bush to bush. But this is not the main tactic of playing on it.

Reservation of the tank is quite positive. Despite the middle class of the tank, it is equipped with frontal armor of 100 millimeters of armor. Armor allows you to restrain shells from most equipment of your level and below, ricochets are often found.

The gun leans down 7 degrees. This is not the best indicator, however, allows you to play from the terrain. And it gives even greater advantages over enemy tanks, and also increases the chances of survival.

From weapons, one of the two Cannone da 90/42 and Cannone da 90/53 cannons is available. Improved gun only increases penetrated armor, the dispersion and information of the guns are the same. Cannone da 90/53 gun allows to penetrate armor in 165 millimeters of armor and inflict one-time damage of 240 units with a basic projectile. These guns without any problems allow you to fight with enemy tanks of your level and below. With 8 and 9 levels it is more difficult to fight, you have to switch to more expensive shells.

If the medium tank P 43 ter is in the upper lines of the race, it is capable of fulfilling the tasks of forcing the flank along with the allies. Without cover, even with an advantage in armor, success will be difficult.

You can also first play the role of a support tank by letting the allied heavy tanks forward and covering them from the second row. And after several enemy tanks are destroyed, an offensive can begin.

The combination with the “gun surrender of shells”, “ventilation” and the “stereo tube” is quite suitable for the equipment. This will increase the rate of fire and reload of shells, as well as allow earlier light up enemy tanks while not moving.