Monster Hunter World怪物獵人世界武器兩刃指南和遊戲審查

In the game Monster Hunter World Iceborne there are several types of weapons and each of them has its own combat mechanics. As well as the application strategy. Starting the game for the first time, it’s not easy to immediately understand the controls and understand the advantages of weapons. In addition, there are different types of monsters with their strengths and weaknesses.

Weapons “Two blades” may be suitable for beginners. Since a lot of experience in possession of weapons is not necessary and there are simple combined attacks. Difficulty can arise when choosing a weapon, since in most cases you need to select it for the corresponding monster.

When choosing a weapon, “Two Blades” must necessarily pick up the elements of the elements. Since they add damage, and when paired with attack speed, a good combination comes out.

About the features of the weapon “Two Blades”.

The Two Blade weapon has the best attack speed, among other weapons. At the same time, the character retains excellent mobility and speed of movement. And there is an attack allowing the character to run over the monster causing damage.

Among these positive aspects, there are not big disadvantages. For example, the radius of attack is very close, you have to get close to the monster. If you are used to playing with long weapons, then this moment can cause not much discomfort.

In order to inflict decent damage, you need to constantly produce hit combined attacks. The attacks themselves should be long and long as possible, so you can achieve good damage. Since the energy of the “Blades” is accumulated over a certain period of time.

Modes of operation of the “Two Blades”.

  • Demonic mode.

In this mode, the character gradually spends his energy. And replenishes the energy of the weapon if constant attacks are applied. In addition, the damage power and movement speed increase. And also additional types of attacks become available.

  • Archi demon mode.

This mode is activated when the weapon’s energy bar is full. In this mode, a few more demonic attacks are added and replace the standard “Demonic attacks”. And the character’s energy scale is spent longer.

Combined attacks of “Two Blades”.

  • Fangs of the demon. (Without demonic regime).

The standard and easiest combined attack. Deals quick attacks with blades and deals normal damage. The attacks themselves hit in a horizontal radius of direction with a small radius of action.

The same attack can be rotated with side actions. For example, you can make a number of attacks and dodge to the side. In this case, the character will go abruptly and save a set of attacks.

Attacks in Demonic Attack mode.

  • High-speed demonic flurry and circular strike.

Allows the character to move sideways and inflict damage to the monster. In some cases, this technique is needed to quickly evade monster attacks with the ability to attack.

If the monster attacks the character and hits it at the time of the “High-Speed ​​Demonic Flurry” attack, then the attack may be interrupted.

After activating the “High-Speed ​​Demonic Flurry” attack, you can continue the attack and then the “Circular Strike” attack will be active. Which also deals good damage to the monster.

  • Dance of blades.

Among the available active attacks, “Blade Dance” is considered the most powerful attack. Which does decent damage in a short period of time. you need to use such an attack carefully, as the monster can drop a set of attacks. If the character is damaged.

This attack can allow the character to climb onto the back of the monster. And makes it possible to attack along his back. To crank up such an attack you need to climb a small hill or jump down from the mountain.

Attacks in the mode “Archive demon”.

  • Demonic flurry.

This attack has medium damage and is faster than the Blade Dance attack. This attack is better to use as well as the attack “Dance of the Blades”, on an immobilized monster. So you can achieve maximum damage to the monster and not lose any attacks in the air.

About the fighting.

At the beginning of the battle with the monster, you must activate the “Demonic mode”. In this case, the energy scale of the Blades will begin to accumulate. After that, special combined attacks will become available and the damage done will increase. In this case, you can apply a combined attack “Dance of the Blades”.

If the attacks were successfully carried out, and the monster recovered and got to his feet, you must disable the “Demonic mode”. Since he spends the stamina of the character, and in the off state, stamina is gradually restored.

Especially great possession skills do not require the weapon “Two Blades”. A separate interface in the form of a weapon energy scale also does not distract attention. You can safely attack the monster by playing from three keys. And to strengthen attacks, you do not need to make a special set of combinations.