Northgard Snake Clan (Swafnir) review and game tips

The Northgard Snake Clan is one of the few clans that does not have a Glory production. Members of this clan are cunning and prudent, who specialize in sabotage in enemy lands. But at the same time they can arrange ambushes and not engage in open battle. And in neutral territories it is free to be without entering into battle with the inhabitants.

Clan Bonuses.

  • At the start of the game, the hero “Signy” is available.

During the game, it grows and gain experience. Upon reaching certain years, she has the ability. When re-hired, no iron is wasted.

  • Growing up of the main character of “Signy” occurs every year.

Clan fines.

  • There is no production of “Glory”.

The “Snake Clan” does not produce “Glory” points, because of this, victory for the gained “Glory” points is not possible.

  • A new type of troops “Bearer”.

It can move through neutral territories without entering into battle. And it’s also easy to be in such territories near neutral enemies.

Clan hero.

The hero of the “Snake Clan” is called “Signy”. Over the years, she gains experience that opens up additional abilities to her.

At the very beginning of development, the characteristics of Signy are almost the same as those of a regular Warrior. But then, with increasing levels, her strength and defense increases.

The accumulated experience is activated upon reaching the Signy age:

  • At age 16, gains Clan Pride.

Clan Pride is a passive ability that does not need to be activated separately.

The opportunity for a long-range attack opens and the speed of movement increases. Armed with a spear that can throw at a distance.

  • At 17 years old, the ability to “Shadow of the wild lands”.

“Shadow of the Wildlands” is a passive ability that does not require separate activation and attention of the player.

Signy gains immunity to attacks from enemies in neutral territories. It can move freely and be near neutral enemies in neutral territory. But if the “Signy” itself begins to attack enemies in neutral lands, then they also respond with an attack.

With this ability, Signy can quickly reach the lands of enemy clans without losing any damage. But having entered the territory of the enemy clan, the ability “Shadow of the wild lands” no longer works. Fighters and “Villagers” on the territory of the enemy clan see her and can attack.

Before you gain access and the ability to enter enemy territory, you must first open it with the Scout. The Scout should have a building pumped.

  • At age 18, Signy gains the Scorched Earth ability.

Scorched Earth is an activated ability that requires the attention of the player. It is necessary to activate and indicate the place for action.

Signy can use Scorched Earth, which sets fire to the area. The fire in this area lasts about 3 months. You can set fire to your territory.

Territory where the Blasted Earth ability is active:

– Reduced production by – 50%, and the fighters of the “Clan Snake” get an additional attack + 50%.

– If you activate on your territory in case of attack by fighters of an enemy clan, then the tower of the “Clan of the Snake” also increases the attack by + 50%.

– After successful activation, resources are collected.

At the age of 18, the Signy’s speed increases.

Thus, the clan hero “Signy” can make raider attacks on enemy clans before other clan heroes. And very complicate the development of the enemy clan. But you will have to arrange treatment and run from your territory to the enemy and back.

Clan relic of the “Snake Clan”.

It’s called “Gungnir”, which unlocks the “Stealth” ability for all available troops. This ability grants temporary immunity from attacks by the enemy Defensive Bosnia for 5 seconds. During this time, all troops in enemy territory can freely move and attack and the enemy “Tower” will not shoot at them. And during this time, you can at least get to this very “Defense Tower”, in some cases also cause damage.

And “Signy” can calmly carry out a sabotage and use the ability “Scorched Earth”, and then go back with minimal consequences.

Clan Traditions.

  • “Onslaught.”

Gives bonuses to “Happiness” by + 0.5 units and to “Food” by + 1 unit, for each fighter. But provided that the fighters are near enemy territory or in the territory of an enemy clan.

In addition, it increases the attack power of the Ringleaders by 20%. Other allied forces increase attack power by 10%. And the remoteness from the union territory and the “Town Hall” lessens the attack power of the “Ringleaders” less.

  • “Black market”.

Improves the Trading Post building. Opens the opportunity to trade resources with other settlements. Merchants start earning 10% more Gold.

If you trade with the enemy clan and worsen relations with it, then the growth of “Gold” from trading with the enemy clan will increase by 50%. But the trade routes themselves are not torn and trade is possible even during the war.

  • “Diversion”.

Increases attack power by 1% for each defeated enemy fighter in enemy territory. This attack bonus can be increased up to 30%.

  • “The Stolen Tradition.”

It makes it possible to steal “Traditions” from enemy clans. A very interesting improvement that one “Giving” to another clan can appropriate for itself. “Traditions” can be selected from the choice of only one. And you can choose from several pieces and from different clans.

After choosing the enemy “Giving”, it is displayed in the “Giving” window for the place of the name “Stolen Tradition”. And it is not clear whether another enemy clan can use the “Tradition” that was stolen from him.

  • “Robbery”.

It gives an increase to Happiness by + 2 units if there are special structures Ruins and Shipwrecks on the Union territory.

Conclusion on the “Snake Clan”.

A very interesting clan, capable of engaging in combat with another enemy clan in the early stages. Signy cannot enter the enemy’s territory at once, for this you must first reach 17-18 years. But this time can still be enough to cause good damage to the enemy clan, which can contribute to the reduction in the number of “Poselyan” and “Workers”. And if the enemy clan did not manage to hire its hero, then the attacks are simplified.

The only such improvement in the Giving, and only this Snake Clan, is called Stolen Tradition. In our case, there was a choice of the enemy clan “Giving” the “Dragon Clan”, which is called “Dragon Rage”. This improvement gives 100% attack power if an allied fighter or hero fights alone.

Signy, and so in most cases attacked the enemy clan alone, and the improvement of the “Dragon Rage” made it even stronger. Moreover, if you use her skill “Scorched Earth” and the clan “Tradition” “Sabotage” and “Legendary Heroes”, then her attack becomes about 51 units in one hit. And among the heroes she will be the strongest in attack.

The “Snake Clan” has its own “Initiators” warriors and only this clan has the opportunity to hire them. The “instigators” are also free to be in neutral territory without joining the battle. And if you place them near the borders of the enemy clan and pump over the clan “Tradition” “Onslaught”, then they begin to bring “Food” and “Happiness”. And it’s more difficult for an enemy clan to move forward and colonize new territory.