Sea of Thieves Tips for Trading Companies

The game Sea of ​​Thieves is fraught with many surprises and secrets, which for beginners can be a big problem. And take a lot of time to understand different chips and achieve good results. And in order to plunge into the game with a good store of knowledge, it is advisable to study some points.

At the beginning of the game, the player is offered to choose a game mode from the two options “Adventure” and “Battle”. For beginners it is better to start with the “Adventure” mode, where there is a peculiar plot and companies. At the same time, in both modes, players can meet each other on the expanses of the seas.

In the adventure, you will need to complete tasks at Trading Companies and reach level 50. Cooperating with them, you can get good equipment and gear, as well as learn how to play.

In the “Battles” mode, players are given the opportunity to compete with each other. And therefore, this mode is more suitable for professionals. Who already have experience with good equipment. And it is clear that it will be difficult for beginners to cope with them.

About getting assignments from Trading Companies.

At the initial levels, tasks can be obtained for free, and after increasing the rank, they will cost several coins. And the higher the rank, the higher the reward, well, the cost for the task also rises.

After you managed to get the first task, you need to go to your ship in the captain’s cabin. In this cabin there is a table on which you need to click and put on it the received task. After that, you need to vote and activate the task. Only then can you go on a trip.

If there are several people in a team, then they must also vote for this task. You can start the task if more than 50% of the available crew vote for it.

About tips for completing tasks at Trading Companies:

  • Assignments from the Trade Union.

Basically, they can get tasks of a peaceful nature. For example, to transport cargo, find cargo or catch animals that are on the islands.

  1. The capture of animals and their delivery to the customer.

When performing with animals, you need to consider several points, otherwise the task may be a failure. There are three types of animals: “Chicken”, “Pig” and “Snake”. Some of them need a special approach.

And in order to catch animals you need a “Cage”, this cage can be obtained from the customer. In this case, you must be careful with the “Cells”, as additional may not give.

The simplest animals are Chicken. When the necessary “Chicken” is found on the island, you need to approach it with a cage and press the action button. After that, the “Chicken” will be in a cage and it can immediately be delivered to the customer. Moreover, there is no need to carry out any other actions with her.

A “pig” can be caught on the same principle as a “Chicken”. But, in order to successfully deliver the cargo, “Pig” needs to be fed. If you miss the right moment and do not feed on time, it will simply die. Therefore, you will again have to go in search of her.

The most difficult animal is the “Snake”. If it is caught in a cage, it can sting or spit poison while it is being delivered to the ship. Due to her bite, health points will be taken away and for some time the screen will be red while her poison is acting.

And to prevent this from happening, you need to periodically play any musical instrument. When the “Snake” is only caught, it can sting only after 10 seconds. And in order not to get damage from the “Snake”, you need to put the “Cage with the Snake” in about 6-8 seconds and play a musical instrument for it. After that, you can safely continue to carry it to the ship.

An interesting point. “Cage with a Snake” can be put on the sea, it will not sink and will not float away. And just play the instrument while in the water. And in the process of delivery to the customer, the “Cage with a Snake” must be placed on the bow of the ship. At the same time, you don’t have to play a musical instrument and it will not spoil your character with poison.

  1. Delivery of goods.

In this task, the customer indicates the location of the goods and where it is necessary to deliver a certain type of goods. There are only three types of products: Box with Bottles, Box with Cloth and Box with Plants. Each type of product during the transportation process may deteriorate and its price will drop. And at the beginning of the assignment, the product is always new.

Bottle crates are prone to damage and may break. Bottles can be damaged even from ordinary jumps during the transfer process. If they are on the ship, they can be damaged if the ship is damaged. It can be a shell from pirates, attacks from sea monsters or just from an accidental collision with a reef.

Usually experienced pirates place “Boxes with bottles” on the bow of the ship.

The “Cloth Box” can be damaged if contact with water occurs. It is desirable to deliver the goods dry. It’s better not to leave the Cloth Boxes directly on the deck, as a storm may begin.

The best storage place is the hold. The cargo may deteriorate in the hold if the ship gets damaged and a hull break occurs. In this case, you need to quickly run to patch up the holes and, if possible, shift the “Box with Cloth” to a dry place.

The “box with plants” during the transportation process can dry out, or rather the plants themselves. And in this case, the quality of the goods will drop sharply. You can store the “Box with plants” anywhere in the ship. And in order that plants would not dry up, they need to be periodically watered with water from the “Bucket”.

Experienced pirates store the “Box of Plants” on the lower deck of the ship and immediately pour a “Bucket of Water” onto it. At the same time, the water itself and the plants will dry more slowly, which means less need to be distracted from the important matters of managing the ship.

  • Goldilocks.

This faction can receive quests to search for chests hidden on the island. You can get such a task from a character with a blindfold in a tent, on an island in the port. It is not difficult to distinguish them from other merchants, since some parts of their body glisten with gold.

There can be two types of tasks:

  1. Search for chests on their map.

The “gold-holders” give a piece of their map of the island with the exact locations of buried chests. After a similar task is received, you need to find the island on the global map. The global map is located on the ship in the cabin of our hero.

With the tasks of the first levels of great complications, beginners should not arise. Since the desired islands are not far from the port where the assignment was received. The higher the level of the mission and the reputation of the Goldilocks faction, the farther the island may be. Well, the reward for the found chest is appropriate.

The main thing is to learn how to navigate in space and approximately represent the island from the top. To help you can use a piece of the card, which was obtained from the “Goldilocks” and a compass.

To understand the map, you need to pay attention to the indication of the compass marks in the upper right yeah. And then get a compass and find the right direction.

It is important to note that these islands on “pieces of map” are indicated in this way. The bottom of the island on the map is in the south, and the top of the island on the map is in the north. After that, compass orientation will be easier. And the exact location of the chest is not necessary, the main thing is to find an approximate location on the map. You can dig out the chest in a small radius from the specified mark.

  1. Search for chests in riddles.

This type of quest is more suitable for experienced pirates. Since it is not very easy to solve some tasks, it takes more time to find the desired treasure. And in the task itself there may be several puzzles that become available after completing the previous puzzle.

Not great difficulties may arise. For example, in one such task, you need to play a musical instrument. At the same time, if you are not far from this place and play a musical instrument, then the next task may not be activated. To fix this small moment, you need to play the instrument in the immediate vicinity of the found place.

When all the tasks and puzzles are completed, the approximate place of the buried chest will be available. In our assignment, the number of steps to the place where you need to dig the ground and get the chest was indicated. To find out how many steps your character will take, you need to get a compass and follow his instructions to go and count the steps.

  • Order of souls.

This faction does not need to try to save the load or think how to find the right place with the chest. The main thing for them is to maintain health points, as they will have to fight the Skeletons. And in order to easily win and maintain health points, you need to know the weaknesses of the “Skeletons”.

You can get acquainted with the weaknesses of the “Skeletons” at the link below:

Sea of Thieves About the dangers of shearing pirates at sea and the secrets of defeating them.

After receiving the assignment, you must first arrive on the island. And to find a group of ordered “Skeletons” you just need to run around the island. When another music appears, then it will be clear that the “Skeletons” are nearby.

The assignment is carried out according to the simple principle of “destroy – break.” The mission is considered to be completed when the “Skeleton Captain” is defeated. And before its appearance not large teams will appear. After defeating the “Skeleton Captain”, a “Skull” will appear, which must be brought to the merchant of the “Order of Souls”.

The difficulty level of their task depends on the number of specified “Skeleton Captains”. In some tasks, all types of “Skeletons” on one island can be found at once. Since for some types of “Skeletons” their approach to defeating him.

Tip. To complete the task you need to bring the “Skull” of the defeated “Skeleton Captain”. In this case, it is not necessary to go to the merchant of the “Order of Souls” from whom they received the task. It is enough to sail to the nearest port and find the shop “Order of Souls”.

  • Brotherhood of hunters.

This type of fraction combined experienced fishermen. They can get a task to find the right fish and sell some food. Which was cooked in a skillet in his ship.

In order to start fishing, you need to sail to the indicated places on the “global map”. After that, get a fishing rod, throw a float into the sea and wait for the fish to bite.

When the fish pecked you need to take the fishing rod in the opposite direction. Thus, the fish gets a little tired and can be pulled closer to the ship. Finally, the fish can be caught after 2-3 such actions.

If the fishing rod starts to twitch, then the fish can simply break loose and swim away. After that, you will have to do the whole fishing procedure first.

You can cook the caught fish in a skillet and sell it to the fraternity of the Brotherhood of the Hunters or keep it for yourself. Moreover, the better and better prepared the fish, the higher the reward.

Different types of fish are found in different zones on the Global Map. In total there are 4 types of territory where fish search is possible. “Banks of Plenty”, “Ancient Islands”, “Devil’s Throat” and “Wild Lands”.

Types of fish.

“Amber Splattertail”. It lives in all available areas where you can fish. The fish itself is caught without bait.

“Elite Olive Cornucopia.” You can catch it only in the sea of ​​”Coast of plenty”. And for her capture, earthworms will be required.

“Elite ocher ancient scale” this fish lives in the area of ​​the “Ancient Islands”.

“Elite brown wild spray.” To capture it you need to stock up with earthworms. And you can catch it in the Wildlands.

“Flaming fish.” He loves larvae and is found on the territory of “Devil’s Throat”.

“Amethyst bregopryg”. This fish is found not far from the coast in all available zones. And you can catch it even without bait and at night.

“Coffee Pond”. This fish is found in lakes on islands and in all territories. You can catch without bait.

“Jade warhead.” You can catch such fish not far from the “Port” or in the area of ​​”Outposts” where the skeleton skull is reflected in the form of a cloud in the sky. To catch you need larvae.

“Coastal gale”. This species of fish is caught only in a storm.

“Pink shipwreck.” You can find it not far from the places of the sunken ship at sea. Earthworms will be required to capture.

  • Sea wolves.

This fraction is better for experienced players who already have several pumped fractions. You can take part in the game menu and is a separate type of game mode. In this game mode, experienced pirates can meet each other and try to become the best.

Entering the battle begins with the Tavern, where the head of the Sea Wolves is located. In the beginning, the formation of teams. And in battles go on the ships “Galleon” in the area of ​​a special map.

The main tasks is to search for hidden chests. Moreover, all players and teams have the same card. And the battles themselves take place on the sea, on land and on the ships themselves. It all depends on the desire of the players.

Found chests can be handed over in special ships marked with red smoke. And after all the chests are found and handed over on the indicated map. A new map will appear with new places of hidden chests. The battle lasts 24 minutes, for which the pirates need to score more points.