Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 features of factions and clans

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is an RPG role-playing game. The developer of the game is Hardsuit Labs. The release of the game has already been postponed several times and the estimated release date of the game is scheduled for 2020. After another postponement of the game’s release date, screenwriter Brian Mitsoda apologized and explained that the team wants to avoid the previous mistakes that were present in the previous game. A group of scriptwriters is working on the script, who jointly discuss the structure of the task and the progress and design options. Brian Mitsoda wrote the main parts of the companies, and Kara Ellison worked on the script for side quests and parts of the main plot. Scriptwriters also added to them, who prescribed not large missions and tasks.

About Fractions.

The game also has several factions that are at war with each other. You can select a fraction during the game and in the process change it to another or simply betray. In fractions, the character will be offered different tasks to perform.

Available fractions and short description:

  1. New arrivals. This faction has a rich hunting ground where vampires can stock up on blood. And this is one of the important points at which the vampire will not remain hunger. The leader of the faction is Viktor Goga, who is happy to welcome anyone.

  1. Camarilla. In this faction there are members of vampires who occupy the vertical of power. These are businessmen and influential citizens living in Seattle. The leader is Alec Cross, a cautious strategist.

  1. Pioneers. This fraction, which has lost power and owns the outskirts of the city. They remain faithful and traditions this is their main features. And newcomers are mistrusted.

  1. The Baron. This fraction belongs to the lower verticals of power. Participants are poor and aggressive, citizens who have almost nothing to lose. The leader of the Baron faction, he managed to turn these citizens into a formidable force that perform any task. The faction is named after the leader.

About Clans.

After the release of the game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, the player will be available about 6 clans. But in the future, developers will add a few more clans in additions to the game. When joining a clan, the hero receives two disciplines. Which in the process of the game develop and improve.

Clans, as well as the discipline and abilities that the main character can get after joining a clan:

  1. Clan Malkavian.

Discipline “Madness.”

– The pursuit. You can scare the enemy.

– Berserker. You can lead the enemy into madness. This is an ability that allows the main character to force opponents to strike. And if you pump, then the victims can engage in a battle with each other.

The Discipline Discipline.

– Aura of consciousness. Opens up the ability for the hero to see through walls Well, if you pump it you can look at the entire area in a radius.

– Mental projection. Can create an astral form.

  1. Clan Weak blood.

Discipline “Winged”. You can call up bats to attack the enemy.

Discipline “Mentalism”. This is a kind of telekinesis.

Discipline “Misty.” You can hide in the fog, with the help of fog to strangle the enemy and blind, and also create whirlwinds.

  1. Clan Toreador.

The discipline “Presence”.

– skill “Enchantment”. You can gather an admiring crowd into a circle and distract the enemy.

– “Blessing.” With this ability, you can freeze the enemy.

Discipline “Swiftness”.

– “Acceleration.” Allows the main character to move quickly.

“The Invisible Storm.” The hero is able to become invisible.

  1. Clan Bruch.

Discipline “Swiftness”.

“The Invisible Storm.” When using the hero receives immunity from all attacks.

– “Accelerator”. When using, you can slow down the time.

The discipline “Power”.

– “Tremors of the earth.” The hero can hit the ground and knock down enemies that are not far away.

– “Cain’s Fist.” Allows the hero to break through walls when used.

  1. Clan Ventrue.

Discipline “Persistence”.

– “Personal armor.” The hero’s skin is not susceptible to damage.

– “Absorption.” Performs the role of regeneration.

Discipline “Domination”.

– “Order”. The hero can control the enemy.

– “Hypnosis.”

  1. Clan Tremere.

Discipline “Thaumaturgy”.

– “Cleansing.” When used, the enemy vomits with blood and causes damage to him, and the blood returns to the creator.

– “Skewer.” The blood of a vampire turns into spikes, and then again returns to its original form.

– “Boiling blood.” If at first the Cleansing skill was applied to the enemy, then after using the Boiling Blood skill, the enemy explodes, and the blood returns to the creator.


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